Key Benefits

  • Increased equipment visibility by consolidating all rental assets into one shared software solution, enhancing product awareness and customer communications.
  • Efficient invoicing, as MCS-rm has reduced the time taken to match purchase orders to invoices at month-end by 66%.
  • Flexible reporting with easily analyzed rental data, without the need to call upon dedicated report writing experts.
  • Improved project profitability by reviewing budgeted job costs and times against actuals for every engineering task undertaken.

The Challenge

Procomm had grown quickly in a short space of time, despite many of its routine processes being undertaken in an old-fashioned labor-intensive way. In a bid to automate its manual processes, Procomm Site Services researched the market in 2013 for rental management software solutions.

The Solution

From an initial shortlist of five vendors, Procomm chose cloud-based MCS-rm rental software.

Asset Management

As we have got such high value assets on the books, it is really important that we know where they are, who’s got them, when they went out and when they are due back, what it cost and when we bought them. MCS-rm handles this with ease and we know if each asset is well utilized and generating the right level of income.

Mobile Workshop

We have seen huge gains in engineer productivity and efficiency by implementing MCS Mobile Workshop. Each engineer clicks a button when they start and finish each job. We’ve been able to analyze engineer activity data and that has enabled us to set more realistic benchmark times for each task they do. As a result, our time estimates are now far more accurate and are no longer based on best guess. This really helps us to understand how we can plan our resources more effectively within MCS-rm.

Project Profitability

We track all costs against each project and we expect to be able to see planned time versus actual time taken for each job along with cost summaries. With this transparency, we can instantly see how profitable each project is.

Purchase Order Efficiency

Invoices can now be matched with purchase orders in MCS-rm at the touch of a button in the currency of choice. By automating this process alone, we have achieved a 66% reduction in the time taken to match purchase orders to invoices at month end.

Business Intelligence

MCS Business Intelligence has enabled me to amend a report that I need ‘on the fly’ without needing a reporting expert on hand to assist. This gives me all the information I need quickly so that I can make better and faster strategic decisions.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Procomm Site Services has been able to:

  • Control and monitor its 6,500 rental assets as well as unit sales.
  • Reduce the need to have dedicated IT resources by utilizing MCS Cloud.
  • Manage, schedule, and allocate workloads to its team of installation engineers using MCS Mobile Workshop.
  • See a consolidated view of all its customer, equipment assets, quotes, contracts, purchase orders, and invoices in its MCS-rm system.
  • Monitor and track the history of any asset throughout its lifecycle.
  • View real-time status updates from their field-based engineers.
Procomm Site Services
MCS really stood out as it had already invested in converting its Windows software solution to the Microsoft .NET platform. We felt MCS-rm was the most future-proof solution and ensured that we wouldn’t have to run through a major software upgrade in the near future.

Procomm Site Services


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