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With cloud rental solutions, you can rest assured that your business is always safe, your data is secure, and your technology infrastructure is looked after by professionals.

No Maintenance

Freedom from maintaining your own IT infrastructure

Save time and hassle without having to look after your own IT hardware. You can free up your in-house IT team and remove costly overheads with our cloud rental software, allowing you to focus on what's important.


No hidden or unexpected surprises

With affordable fixed monthly payments, you can simplify and accurately budget and forecast your outgoings, without the worry of the unexpected.

Easy access

Accessibility anytime, anywhere

Your team can access their rental software remotely from any location, on any device. With the ability to work on the move, you can provide second-to-none customer service and confidently take advantage of mobile solutions without the worry of data security and managing complex internal systems.

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For a fixed monthly fee, we know that there will be no nasty surprises awaiting us when we power up the system in the morning and we have total peace of mind that the system will be running 100% of the time.

Gower Event Management Systems

Additional features of cloud-based rental software


For growing and flexible rental companies, you can increase or reduce capacity very quickly. Users can be added or removed from the network, without having to alter the underlying IT infrastructure.

Run your rental business from the cloud

Make your life easier with MCS Cloud Rental Software Solutions, eliminating the stress and worry of managing your own server and hardware infrastructure.

  • Focus your time, effort, and resources on the things that matter most in your rental business.
  • Stop wasting hours maintaining your own data back-ups and disaster recovery procedures.
  • Stop having to recruit trained IT support consultants. Your MCS cloud datacentre is fully managed by MCS’s experienced technicians, who ensure that your cloud rental software always runs smoothly in the background.
  • Have affordable, predictable costs in a pay-as-you-go monthly pricing model with no nasty surprises.
  • Work on the move. Access your 'virtual office' from anywhere, whether you are using a mobile device or a laptop, you can access all the data you need 24/7.
  • Take advantage of MCS mobile apps without costly overheads.

Rental software in the cloud - Protected from disaster

With MCS equipment rental software in the cloud, you can rest easy knowing that there are inbuilt disaster recovery facilities and regular data back-ups ensuring your data is always accessible, safe, and secure. So even if your business premises were to succumb to a disaster, you can trust MCS cloud to keep your rental business running from any other premises.

The MCS Rental Software in the Cloud runs automatic updates at regular intervals to also ensure that your business data is always protected against cyber crime.

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Creating the perfect fit

Explore the feature-rich MCS rental software solution that will enhance your business.





Manage your sales activity from inquiry to invoicing, without leaving your central rental inventory management system. You can even carry out marketing campaigns to nurture your new and existing customers with powerful marketing integrations.CRM>

MCS workshop


Make sure your equipment is always certified and ready for your customers. Keep accurate service history, plan regular maintenance, set alerts for upcoming services, and manage equipment damage or loss with ease.



Manage all of your preferred suppliers and stay in control of your expenditure on your rental fleet, stock, spares, and rehires all in one easy-to-use system.


Dashboards & Business Intelligence

Take advantage of easy-to-understand rental data to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make the right strategic decisions and make your rental business stronger than ever.
Business Intelligence>

electronic trading

Electronic Trading

Manage all of your customer, supplier, and financial documents electronically within your rental management solution for a labor-free, simple solution to your paper-heavy processes.
Electronic Trading>


Document Management

Go paper-free and switch to electronic document storage so that you can easily find files when you need them, reduce the amount of storage space required and modernize your customer service.
Document Management>


Smart Alerts

Set up customized alerts so you can proactively address issues as soon as they pop up, ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met and your processes are always adhered to.
Smart Alerts>


Resource Planner

Improve the visibility and utilization of your resources by making sure appropriately qualified staff are allocated to the right tasks and new jobs are always allocated to the best-equipped member of your team, whether that's skillset or even distance from a specific location.
Resource Planner>


Online Shop

Improve order management by making it easy for your customers to do new or repeat business with you, by offering them the chance to create rental reservations online, without needing to call your rental desk.
Online Shop>


Customer Portal

Drive customer loyalty and offer fantastic customer service with a personalized Customer Portal giving your clients the ability to self-serve the information they need 24/7.
Customer Portal>

telematics hub

MCS Telematics Hub

Say hello to full visibility of your telematics data, without multiple logins or complicated statistics. From asset recovery to increased revenue, you’ll be able to achieve greater efficiency and improve the productivity of your rental fleet with more informed insights into your fleet.

e-sign digital document signing

MCS E-Sign

Revolutionize your rental quotes and contracts. MCS E-Sign lets your customers easily sign documents at the click of a button so that you can rely on firm rental agreements between you and your clients.
MCS E-Sign>

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Mobile Tools

Mobile Apps and Web Solutions

Digitalize your team with mobile solutions for your sales, transport, workshop and warehouse workforce and go completely paper-free. Gather real-time information from your remote teams so that you can be more responsive and consistently exceed customer expectations.


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RM mobile

RM Web

Oversee your rental operation from any location with everything you need all on the one device, transforming productivity.
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CRM mobile


Transform on-site client meetings, increasing productivity with access to customer history so that you can make the most of every opportunity no matter where you are.
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Workshop mobile

Mobile Workshop

Streamline your maintenance activity with a workshop app for a paperless workflow and seamless collaboration with your back office who can see live information on job status updates.
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Transport mobile

Mobile Transport

Go paperless and manage your transport with optimized routes and live status updates from your drivers on the move.
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picking mobile


Empower your warehouse team with a picking app to make the selection of equipment for your rental bookings hassle-free and increase staff productivity.
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