Streamline your medical equipment business

By utilizing software unique to the rental industry, you can maintain complete visibility over your assets. Responsible rental companies must maintain strict control over their high-value medical assets to ensure their proper upkeep and safety. With all-in-one rental management, you'll never lose track of safety certificate expiration dates, scheduled maintenance, or forget to document damage evidence for invoicing when equipment sustains damage during a rental.


MCS medical equipment rental software empowers you to:

  • Execute scheduled maintenance tasks to maintain equipment certification and safety.
  • Establish checklists to ensure strict adherence to the servicing process.
  • Assign tasks to your resources seamlessly within your rental contracts or works orders.
  • Maintain a detailed asset lifecycle history, including all income and costs incurred, for a comprehensive view of its profitability.

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Rental Productivity


Ensure your medical equipment is fit for rental

Maintain stringent control over all your high-value medical equipment, ensuring they are well-maintained and safe for use by your customers. You'll never overlook expiring safety certifications or miss recording damage evidence for invoicing when equipment sustains damage during use.

Efficiently share your inspection records electronically, enhancing internal communication and productivity by eliminating time-consuming paperwork. Monitor costs and revenue from equipment acquisition to disposal, gaining insight into the actual value and profitability of each asset.


With MCS-rm medical equipment software, you can:

  • Execute scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment certified and safe for use.
  • Provide operational instructions at the point of hire, accessible through the Customer Portal for convenient self-service by your clients.
  • Manage equipment damage and bill customers accordingly.
  • Share inspection records and certificates across all your branches.
  • Record the complete lifecycle of assets, including revenue and costs, enabling comprehensive profitability assessments.
  • Adhere to industry standards and regulations seamlessly.

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Manage your customer relationships

At MCS, we get that the medical industry is not just about the equipment; it’s about trust, confidentiality, and people. It’s about your dedicated team working tirelessly to ensure your customer's needs and requirements are met. With all your customers' rental transactions and conversations stored together in one rental management solution, all your staff will be able to go that extra mile.

Track all your sales requests from start to finish and analyze why business was won or lost so that you can better monitor the performance of your sales teams and branches and drive revenue growth.

With MCS-rm medical equipment rental software solutions and its inbuilt CRM you can:

  • Record site visits and interactions with your prospects and clients.
  • Handle sales inquiries and schedule actions for others to complete.
  • See your new business sales pipeline and analyze lost business reasons.

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GD Medical
Throughout the implementation process, MCS was very responsive, whether through phone calls, emails or the Customer Club. We had a good relationship with our account manager and the customer service team is available if we need any help.

GD Medical

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MCS-rm rental software gives you full control of your rental business, improving performance and helping your business to grow.
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Medical Equipment Rental

GD Medical uses MCS-rm for improved management and visibility of their rental business.

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