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Download some of our helpful guides to find out more about some of the benefits of rental software solutions.

Digitalization Guide

Digitalizing your rental business for success, today and in the future


Elevate your rental business to the next level and digitalize with the power of rental software. You can save money, time, hassle, and offer second-to-none customer service.


Workshop Guide

Optimizing asset lifecycle and boosting revenue with a Workshop solution


Introducing a workshop solution to your maintenance processes could be the answer to problems you didn't even realize you had. Find out more about the benefits a workshop solution could bring to your rental business.


Customer Service Guide

Customer Service in the Rental Industry - How to get it right


It can be difficult to know how best you can enhance your customer service levels but this guide will give you a clear set of steps to take to reach those five golden stars.


Asset management

Making business simple with asset management software


No matter what your goals, asset management software will take away the barriers holding you back so that you can achieve more.


Paperless processes

The benefits of paperless working in the rental industry


Going paperless is more than just mobile apps. Discover all the ways you can take the next step towards truly paperless processes.


Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide to Rental Software


Finding a rental software solution that will fit your needs like a glove is important. That's why we've created this Buyer's Guide to help you take those first steps.


Mobile Apps

Transforming Your Rental Business With Mobile Apps


Find out how mobile apps will revolutionize your rental business and launch your company into the digital revolution.


health and safety

Improving Health and Safety Compliance in Your Rental Business


Discover how rental management software can ensure you are remaining compliant with industry safety regulations 24/7.


Cloud computing

Seven Benefits of Choosing Cloud Rental Software


From freeing up your office space to easier access to mobile apps, there’s a whole host of benefits waiting for you to take advantage of with rental software in the cloud.



Utilization - The Route to Profitability


Making every hour count is vital in maximizing profits, find out more about how to get the most out of your rental equipment.


rental invoicing

Reduce Costs and Increase Payment Speeds with Rental Invoicing


Discover how to reduce costs, improve payment speeds and enhance control and visibility in your rental business.


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