Effectively manage cabin rental processes for your mobile offices with our software

Simplify and optimize your day-to-day cabin rental operations in your portable office trailers company with our software. Ensure a smooth flow from generating quotes to managing contracts and invoices. Gain complete visibility into daily tasks to avoid overlooking any important details and ensure your customers' requirements are fulfilled. With our cabin rental management software you will have real-time access to reports on equipment availability and usage that will help you maintain control over your construction trailer and modular office rental business.


With MCS-rm cabin rental software for modular offices you can:

  • Seamlessly convert your quotations to contracts.
  • Upsell additional items at the point of rental.
  • Manage deliveries, collections, and exchanges including third-party haulage companies.
  • Store diagrams of internal layouts of buildings or containers and file them with the contract.
  • Gain instant access to equipment availability, utilization reports, and statistics.

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Manage your customer relationships with cabin rental reservation software

Increase customer loyalty by ensuring your interactions cater to their specific needs. By storing all rental transactions and conversations in a single cabin rental management solution, your entire staff will be equipped to provide exceptional service.

Track and oversee every sales request from beginning to end, and analyze the factors that contributed to either success or failure. Gain better insights into the performance of your sales teams and branches, empowering you to drive revenue growth.


MCS mobile offices rental software and its inbuilt CRM allows you to:

  • Record site visits and all interactions with your prospects and clients
  • Handle sales inquiries and schedule actions for others to complete.
  • See your new business sales pipeline and analyze lost business reasons.

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Ensure your equipment is fit for rental

Keep tight control of all your high-value modular offices, ensuring that they are well maintained and safe to use. You’ll never lose sight of expiring safety certificates or forget to capture damage evidence to invoice customers when assets are damaged during the rental.

With our mobile offices rental software for job site trailers and portable offices, you can electronically share your inspection records to improve cross-depot communication and increase productivity by eliminating the time-consuming paper chase. Track costs and income from equipment acquisition through to disposal so you know the true value and profitability of each and every asset

With MCS-rm cabin rental software you can:

  • Perform and record pre-rental checks to keep portable buildings certified and safe to use.
  • Manage equipment damage and recharge your customer.
  • Share inspection records across all your depots.
  • Record asset lifecycle history with all income and costs incurred for a full picture of its profitability.

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Hire Workshop efficiency with mobile offices rental software
Procomm Site Services
MCS really stood out as it had already invested in converting its Windows software solution to the Microsoft .NET platform. We felt MCS-rm was the most future proof solution and ensured that we wouldn’t have to run through a major software upgrade in the near future.

Procomm Site Services

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MCS-rm rental software gives you full control of your rental business, improving performance and helping your rental business to grow.
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