Helping to break the cycle of child poverty

MCS is committed to giving back to the community by pledging to donate 10% of its annual profits to five different charities that focus on providing opportunities for young, disadvantaged individuals.  

The Link Foundation, Maidenhead, UK

The Link Foundation, nestled close to Maidenhead and Marlow, UK, is all about providing a helping hand to families facing challenges in the local community, often due to circumstances beyond their control.

Thanks to generous donations from MCS, The Link Foundation has made Christmas unforgettable for kids who might be facing tough times. This charity steps in to assist parents who've lost their homes and have nowhere else to go, even providing hot meals for those struggling to access them.  

In 2021, The Link Foundation went above and beyond by offering over 50 beds and cots to vulnerable children in the area, kids who were sleeping on sofas, dirty mattresses, piles of coats, or even the floor. On top of that, the charity dished out over 900 meals each week to families struggling to feed their kids. They also hooked up young students with laptops, ensuring they could keep up with their studies during the challenges of Covid-19, all because they lacked the necessary technology.

Link Foundation
Link Foundation

First Days, Wokingham, UK

First Days, a charity right in the neighborhood of MCS Headquarters, is on a mission to tackle child poverty head-on. Their goal is to empower families in the community, especially those dealing with low income or financial challenges, ensuring they can still get everything they need to be safe, confident, and have a good time.

First Days is all about supplying crucial items like school uniforms, new baby essentials, travel gear, safety items, toiletries, furniture, books, and toys. They know that even the smallest things can make a big difference in the lives of families, and that's what they're all about.

Stewart House, Sydney, Australia

Based in Sydney, Australia, Stewart House is a vital haven for children in need. Each year, around 1,700 kids get to experience a 12-day health and wellbeing program at Stewart House. This Aussie-based charity is on a mission to support youngsters who've faced tough challenges like abuse, domestic violence, neglect, extreme poverty, and even those who are young caregivers themselves.  

During their time at Stewart House, these kids receive basic healthcare, from dentistry to eye tests, and benefit from the expertise of qualified psychologists. They also dive into fun activities with their peers to kick back and chill. The charity hooks them up with essentials like toothbrushes, school shoes, and toiletries that might be tough to come by otherwise.  

Thanks to MCS, Stewart House got a major upgrade in 2021, sprucing up their dining and social areas for the kids to enjoy. Plus, they stocked up on essential items like medications, toiletries, socks, underwear, and brand-new shoes – things that over 85% of the kids arriving at Stewart House didn't have before. 

Link Foundation
Columba Youth Partnership

Columba Youth Leadership, Johannesburg, South Africa

Working with teens and young adults aged 15 to 25, Columba Leadership is all about empowering them to amp up their leadership game as they navigate the transition from school to the workforce. 

By fostering critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, effective communication, resilience, and leadership skills, we're equipping these young folks to blossom into successful adults armed with the essential skills they'll need to tackle whatever the future throws their way.

Friends of Alexandra, Alexandra, South Africa

Friends of Alexandra is a preschool daycare committed to providing early years support and care for little ones in one of the toughest neighborhoods in South Africa. A lot of the kids we welcome are either orphans or come from families facing severe economic challenges, lacking access to essential necessities.  

At Friends of Alexandra, we offer daycare services for young children, focusing on teaching them the ABCs, nursery rhymes, colors, shapes, and the days of the week. Our organization goes the extra mile by providing locally sourced nutritious meals to these children, filling a gap they might not get at home.

Link Foundation

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