Toilet Servicing & Route Management Software

Toilet servicing with effective route management and mobile solutions

Undertake toilet cleaning and servicing of your own or your customers' portable toilets with ease with the power of a fully integrated portable toilet rental software solution.

You can create optimized driver service routes in MCS-rm according to your preferred service intervals. Be flexible to take on new ad-hoc jobs and be more responsive to your customers' last-minute requests. Capture proof of service signatures to minimize any invoice queries.


With MCS-rm portable toilet rental software you can:

  • Manage portable toilet deliveries, collections, servicing, and exchanges with efficient route planning so that every route is an optimized route.
  • Have improved route management with the ability to drag and drop drivers onto optimized, scheduled routes in advance.
  • Take advantage of optimized routes so that your drivers are always taking the most efficient route possible.
  • Produce a waste transfer note when you service your customers' toilets.
  • Use the Mobile Transport app for your drivers to collect digital signatures as proof of delivery or service.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of a paperless operation with the use of mobile devices and apps that allow you to work on the move.

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Toilet servicing hire software


Effectively manage your portable toilet rental processes

Streamline your daily rental processes from quotes through to contracts and invoices and provide full visibility of what needs to be done each day so that nothing gets missed and your customers’ needs are met with the power of MCS rental software and inventory management.

MCS Rental Software also gives you the benefits of real-time reports on equipment availability and utilization to keep you in control of your rental operation at all times.

With the MCS portable sanitation software system you can:

  • Seamlessly convert your quotations to contracts
  • Have better inventory management with an accurate picture of availability so you can plan ahead for your future sanitation needs.
  • Improve route management with the ability to see where your drivers and sites are all on one map.
  • Use service schedules to make sure you're always on top of your rental assets.
  • Use barcode readers attached to your portable toilets for fast data processing of your rental bookings, quotes, item returns, and toilet servicing.
  • Gain instant access to equipment availability, utilization reports, and statistics.
  • Improve the billing cycle with digital invoicing, saving your rental business time and money.
  • Use digital checklists to keep track of restroom tasks so that nothing gets missed and your portable toilets and restroom trailers are always in tip-top condition.
  • Easily track inventory on rental with all of your rental information stored in one place.
  • Offer accurate delivery date ranges that help you offer your clients the best service possible.

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Portable toilet productivity


Manage your customer relationships and improve customer service

With a portable toilet rental solutions in place, you can gain more repeat business by ensuring your conversations are always relevant to your customers' needs. Storing all of your customers' rental transactions and conversations together in one rental management solution means that all of your staff will be able to go that extra mile and provide better service than your competitors.

The power of business intelligence and dashboards from MCS give you the power to monitor all of your rental requests from start to finish and review the reasons why business was won or lost. With this data to hand, you'll be able to make better decisions and create a future-proof and sustainable rental company.

You can even monitor the performance of your sales teams and depots so that you can spot strengths and weaknesses, giving you all the information you need to be able to drive revenue growth.


The MCS portable toilet rental software and its inbuilt CRM means you can:

  • Record site visits and all interactions with your prospects and clients.
  • Access any customer information on the move so that you can deliver excellent customer service.
  • Handle rental inquiries and schedule actions for others to complete.
  • See your new business sales pipeline and analyze lost business reasons.
  • Use the CRM Web and Mobile solutions to enable your workforce on the move to work as efficiently as they would be in front of a desktop.

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challenger site services
Using MCS portable toilet software as our rental management system has allowed us to increase the levels of customer service we provide, enabling us to work with our customers in ways that other suppliers cannot.

Challenger Site Services

Key features of MCS Portable Toilet & Inventory Management Software

Some of the other great features of our portable toilet software already being used by the toilet rental industry:


Toilet Servicing
Route Management
Deliveries / Collections
Credit Card Processing
portable toilet hire software
MCS portable toilet rental software gives you full control of your rental business, improving performance, helping your rental business to grow, and enabling you to provide the best customer service around.
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