Effectively manage your large equipment and crane rental processes

It is vital for large equipment and crane rental companies to ensure they are streamlining their daily rental processes from quotes through to contracts and invoices.

With MCS large equipment and crane rental software, you'll always have full visibility of exactly what needs to be done each day so that nothing gets missed and your customers’ needs are always met. With the power of real-time reports and dashboards on equipment availability and utilization, you'll always be in complete control of your rental business.

With the MCS large equipment and crane rental software system you can:

  • Eliminate manual processes and run your rental business from an all-in-one rental software solution.
  • Manage equipment deliveries, collections, exchanges, and inter-depot transfers.
  • Make sure operators can submit all their timesheets easily and on time for quick production of invoices.
  • Select the most suitable qualified operator for each job with a resource planning tool.
  • Gain instant access to equipment and operator availability, utilization reports, and statistics
  • Improve inventory tracking with real-time updates and telematics technology that give you the power to make strategic business decisions based on live information.
  • Integrate with your third party accounting software solution to improve cash flow and operate your business from one comprehensive rental solution.
  • Standardize your rental process with a number of checklists and workflows to ensure your team are all following the same rental best practice.

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Manage your customer relationships

Gain more repeat business by ensuring your conversations are relevant to your customers' needs. With all your customers' rental transactions and conversations stored together in one rental management solution, all your staff will be able to go that extra mile!

Monitor all your sales requests from start to finish and review the reasons why business was won or lost. Be better able to monitor the performance of your sales teams and depots and drive revenue growth.


With MCS-rm large equipment rental software and our inbuilt CRM you can:

  • Record site visits, site surveys, photographs, and interactions with your prospects and clients.
  • Handle sales inquiries and schedule actions for others to complete.
  • See your new business sales pipeline and analyze lost business reasons.
  • Use mobile apps to empower your sales team on the road, giving them access to customer data, previous conversations, bespoke pricing and more.

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Maximize utilization and ensure your equipment is fit for rental with crane and large equipment software

Keep tight control of all your high-value crane and large equipment with our crane and large equipment rental solutions ensuring that they are well maintained and safe to use with automated service scheduling. In the large equipment and crane industry, it is vital that you never lose sight of expiring safety certificates or forget to capture damage evidence to ensure your equipment is always safe and serviced correctly.

You can electronically share your inspection records to improve cross-depot communication and increase productivity by eliminating the time-consuming paper chase. Track costs and income from equipment acquisition through to disposal so you know the true value and profitability of each and every asset.

With MCS-rm large equipment and crane rental software you can:

  • Improve fleet management and perform scheduled maintenance to keep equipment certified and safe to use.
  • Share inspection records across all your depots.
  • Keep track of your operator's qualifications to ensure they are certified.
  • Record asset lifecycle history with all income and costs incurred for a full picture of its profitability.
  • Maximize utilization by ensuring your cranes and equipment are fully serviced and ready for rental.
  • Take advantage of the mobile Workshop apps to give your engineers better access to equipment information when they're on-site.

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Baldwins Crane Hire
With MCS Crane Rental Software, we now have comprehensive tracking of all our jobs, instant credit control, and seamless integration to our Sage Accounts package. The automated processes have streamlined our month end invoicing and given us substantial print cost savings.

Baldwins Crane Hire

Key features of MCS large equipment and crane rental software

Equipment rental businesses in the large equipment and crane hire industry are increasing efficiency, safety, and keeping track of their assets with these features:


operated plant hire software
MCS rental software and inventory management gives you full control of your rental business, improving performance and helping your rental business to grow.
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Large equipment and crane rental software success stories

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Baldwins Crane Rental Ltd reaches new heights of efficiency with MCS-rm.

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Excavator Rental

MCS-rm rental software supports customer relationships and drives growth for H.E.Services.

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