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Industry: Job Site Trailer Rental

Key Benefits

  • Improved decision-making and data analysis from real-time access to information from across the business.
  • Ability to improve performance.
  • Dramatically improved utilization rates using reporting against customer KPIs.
  • Mobile customer relationship management supports remote workers.

The Challenge

Before MCS-rm, Wernick Rental was relying on an older decentralized UNIX contract management solution from MCS, with some paper-based processes. System limitations were starting to hold the business back. Wernick Rental wanted its new rental software to:

  • Centralize data entry
  • Automate and integrate its back office and rental functions
  • Provide a stable and scalable platform for continued growth
  • Provide powerful data and analysis tools

The Solution

The migration to MCS-rm went ahead with 150 users in a relatively short space of time and its new rental system was introduced to its front office. Alongside rental and sales functionality, it also adopted CRM, purchase orders, and workshop.


MCS E-Sign has been a key element in driving Wernick Hire into the 21st century. Our purchasing clients are often busy site managers out on site without printer access. With E-Sign, they can now receive, review and confirm their requirements on the go. In today’s digital world, E-Sign helps us keep our clients’ best interests at heart.


With MCS-rm reporting, I have increased our utilization rates close to double digits. By analyzing the group's kit utilization rates, I can see which product lines are profitable and which are lagging behind. I now have insight into where to invest for maximum return.


One of our largest clients has set a benchmark that we have to achieve 90% of their call-out requests in a designated time-frame. Metrics from the MCS-rm Workshop module illustrate that we have over 100 call-outs a month for them, and we have solved 95% of these in the specified time-frame. The client has been impressed that we can prove that we are surpassing the agreed service levels and we are able to take swift action if we think these KPIs will not be achieved.

Escrow Protection

MCS have an in-depth knowledge of migrating IT systems and are also a very professional operation, with vendor agreements in place. These include the Escrow Protection agreement, which protects their customers in case anything should happen to the business.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm and CRM, Wernick Rental has:

  • Rationalized data previously stored on different systems
  • Reduced the time it takes to input rental contracts
  • Enhanced communication between different parts of the business

Wernick Rental is also now benefitting from:

  • The ability to view real-time data, such as KPIs, instantly from multiple sources across the business so that strategic decisions can be made across the company
  • Improved sales team productivity as salesmen can access their customer data on any mobile device, answer customer queries instantly and make the most out of each visit
Wernick Rental
MCS-rm has brought an unprecedented degree of consistency to the business. It tackles both the hands-on day-to-day activities with ease, as well as helping our decision-makers to make important investment decisions and open up new revenue streams. It was definitely the right choice for our business!

Wernick Rental


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