Key Benefits

  • Greater control of its rental operation due to an automated, computerized system.
  • Utilization reports deliver more up-to-date accurate information on inventory movements.
  • Increased accuracy and time-saving due to the ability to view all customer and contract information in one unified package and offers a single point of data entry.
  • Automated asset tracking increases efficiency and provides a better picture of rental status.

The Challenge

As Harran’s rental business grew, the unique complexities of the offshore operation began to put pressure on its previous rental management system based on ad hoc spreadsheets and Word documents.

The Solution

After looking at several offerings, Harran opted for MCS-rm as it is easy to use and offered functionality that could be tailored to suit its individual requirements. With MCS-rm also being Windows-based, it also meant that there is scalability for future expansion.

Tailored Standard Forms

The offshore business has a lot of statutory documentation such as dangerous goods certificates and offshore cargo summaries that must accompany each delivery. One of the key benefits of MCS-rm is the ability to tailor standard forms within the system to include additional information in different formats that meet these documentation requirements.

Asset Management

With all our tanks and spare parts individually itemized and identified on the system, we are achieving much better management of our assets with MCS-rm and our accounting procedures are much more convenient and efficient.

Consistent Business Processes

With our manual system, we had a situation where tanks that were thought to be out on rental were charged to a customer when they should have been taken off rental long before. We had to credit the customer thousands of pounds as a result, which was unprofessional and bad for customer relations. With MCS-rm, mistakes like that can no longer happen.

MCS Support

The support of MCS and our relationship with its people has been excellent and we look forward to a productive future with them.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Harran has been able to:

  • Access all rental information in one, cohesive, company-wide system.
  • Automate the quotation, contract, and invoicing processes without having to re-key information.
  • Manage single and monthly batch invoicing using MCS-rm as well as producing pro forma invoices and daily 'due' invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Get a better picture of inventory movement and utilization using the utilization reports in MCS-rm.
Harran Testimonial
We really benefited from their expertise in adapting some parts of the software so it matched the exact requirements of our very niche offshore logistical operation.



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