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Industry: Tool rental and sales

Key Benefits

  • Increased accuracy and time savings due to the ability to view all customer and financial information in one unified package.
  • Increased customer and supplier satisfaction due to more accurate and readily available financial and contract information.
  • Better management and coordination with the ability to track and monitor the movement of assets.
  • Greater control of its rental operation with a rental solution that adapts to its business needs.

The Challenge

With growth comes change, so over the years, Fowler’s paper-based management system evolved to a character-based software package. This served the company well until continued growth and the advent of Windows® brought pressure on the company to upgrade further.

The Solution

After reviewing the market, Fowler Rental and Sales chose to go with MCS. The MCS team set about transferring the data from the old management system to MCS-rm. Once completed, Fowler undertook MCS training, and the journey with MCS began.

Contracts, off-rentals and invoices

“When a customer rents a piece of kit, a contract is raised in MCS-rm. When this item is returned, the system raises an off-rental ticket and ultimately the invoice - all from one data input. The system also ensures that a piece of equipment is recorded as off-rental until it is returned to the depot and available for rental again”.

Flexible invoicing

Often a rental customer will return some of the disposable items unused. For instance if he has taken away 10 sanding belts and has used only six, we can alter that item on the invoice and charge him accordingly.

All-in-one rental system

We have found that the ability to view all customer and financial information in one, unified package makes a big difference to the accuracy and efficiency of our operation. This was a major factor in our choice of a rental management solution.


We are authorized repair agents for a number of leading DIY brands such as Black & Decker, Stihl, Makita and Bosch, so the workshop service is an important part of our operation.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Fowler Rental & Sales has been able to:

  • Edit invoices to remain reactive to customer demands.
  • Offer a comprehensive, fully integrated financial package.
  • Enjoy automatic alerts that enable a more proactive service as well as an up-to-date source of financial information that aids the decision-making process.
  • Use the barcode reading capability on its sales counter.

Looking to the future, Fowler Rental & Sales is looking to implement the Workshop & Maintenance capability to help organize and manage Fowler’s entire servicing and repair operation.

Fowler Tool Hire
We were impressed by the MCS solution and the integrated financial package. While we are only a single-depot operation, it nevertheless offered all the features we were looking for with the potential to handle any future growth and expansion.

Fowler Hire & Sales


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