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Sector: Plant Rental and Sales

Key Benefits

  • Prevents disputes from escalating when equipment is returned damaged by capturing and storing equipment damage evidence.
  • MCS-rm connects all departments within the business helping them to all benefit from the software solution.
  • Documents can all be managed through MCS-rm.
  • The software can grow as demand for different functionality appears.

The Challenge

CBL has been with MCS for over 30 years, initially using its Insitu software solution, before moving over to MCS-rm.

CBL’s most recent challenge has been managing difficult conversations about the condition of machines when they return from back from a job in a damaged state. This would sometimes impact the customer relationship as without being able to supply sufficient damage evidence, this could end in a dispute resulting in both time and financial implications for CBL.

The Solution

Why MCS?

Originally, we were on the Insitu software however, development of the MCS software led to the release of MCS-rm and this was a natural progression for us. We like the fact that MCS-rm is made up of multiple modules that can be added on making the software scalable as we grow.


We have a good relationship with MCS and the team make us feel comfortable and are extremely trustworthy, so in this respect it made progressing further with MCS software an easy decision.

Transport Mobile

Transport Mobile has given us lots of associated tangible benefits such as the ability to take and store images of assets at the point of delivery and collection so any evidence over the condition of machines and fuel levels are now easily collected and stored digitally. This was important to us as it prevented disputes over any issues with returned equipment by providing a more honest platform to have sensible discussions with customers over any issues associated with returned assets. This has helped to improve our relationship with our customers.

Digital Signature Capture

We are now able to capture signatures as ‘Proof of Delivery’ when delivering equipment. They can be stored electronically against the customer’s record which has helped to eliminate disputes related to equipment delivery.

Paperless Working

Our aim when implementing Transport mobile wasn’t to go completely paperless. However, it has drastically reduced the amount we do use and documents can all be stored digitally and can be accessed anywhere at any time. This has been a big bonus for us.

Accuracy of information capturing

Transport Mobile has helped to improve the accuracy of the data we collect and input into the system. It helps to eliminate confusion and the ability to do it digitally means that there is no paper to be lost or scanning that needs to be done to put it into the system. This helps to free up time to do other tasks.

Resource Planner

Through the use of the MCS Resource Planner we have been able to more efficiently optimize our routes for our drivers. This then filters down into the business and helps to improve our overall productivity.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, CBL has:

  • More reliable asset tracking.
  • Improved relationship and trust with its customers.
  • Greatly reduce paperwork meaning that records are more easily managed and updated so that data is more accurate and doesn’t get lost.
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We are very grateful for the effort MCS has put into developing Transport Mobile as it has been a massive benefit already to our business.



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