Efficient ways of working with MCS Picking Software

Empower your warehouse staff to accelerate the picking of equipment for your rental bookings, increasing the productivity of your workforce.


Faster turn-around times

With order picking software, one person will be able to perform the picking process alone instead of two, and picking information will be kept in one place electronically, avoiding communication mix-ups and saving you time, money, and useful resources.

Saving money

Reduced warehouse costs

Save time with the barcode scanning functionality of MCS Picking Software, making input speeds faster as multiple stock items can be picked at once. With reduced material handling costs and much less printing, you can achieve more affordable warehouse processes.

Easier processes

Simplified picking process & intuitive to use

The easy-to-use interface keeps all of your picking information in one place and is automatically synced to MCS-rm, saving you time and making life easier.

MCS Picking Mobile Testimonial
Picking has simplified our picking process. We no longer need a PC in the warehouse and one person can perform the process alone instead of two. This has resulted in significantly reduced warehouse costs and our resources have been redeployed to other parts of the business.

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Additional Features of Warehouse Picking Software

Better control and organization

Making your workforce more efficient and organized is key to improving performance. With MCS Picking:

  • Communication between the warehouse and depot is enhanced with depot managers being able to select and assign multiple electronic picking jobs to a member of their warehouse team.
  • Warehouse staff will know what equipment needs to be picked at a sub-level, reducing the amount of guesswork and this will save you time.
  • You will be able to see the real-time status for rental contract items, meaning your workers can work independently but still be communicating as a team.

Enhanced user experience and customer service

Providing great customer service is a very important factor to help you distinguish yourself from your competitors; our Picking Solution is designed to help you meet your clients' expectations:

  • Assigned contacts next to each picking job mean there is always a point of contact to discuss a picking query with.
  • Items are picked from a pre-defined list which cuts out any errors. Pickers will also be able to instantly see the status of their picking lists and will be less likely to make mistakes - streamlining the whole end-to-end process.
  • You can use your handheld device such as a smartphone, tablet, or multi-purpose rugged device to search for tasks.

Explore our rental software solutions

Some key features within MCS rental software to enhance your equipment rental business.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Manage your sales pipeline activity from inquiry through to final order. Undertake proactive marketing campaigns to nurture your key client and prospect relationships.

MCS workshop


Ensure your rental equipment is certified and fit for use. Keep accurate service records, plan regular maintenance and manage accidental equipment damage and loss.

mcs purchasing


Keep tight control of your expenditure on the rental fleet, stock, spares, and cross-rentals and manage your preferred suppliers all in one easy-to-use rental system.


Dashboards & Business Intelligence

Gain meaningful insight into your rental data to help you analyze your strengths, weaknesses and understand changing business trends to ensure you make the right strategic decisions.
Business Intelligence>

electronic trading

Electronic Trading

Send and receive customer, supplier, and financial documents electronically for a labor-free solution to your paperwork processes.
Electronic Trading>


Document Management

Go paperless and switch to electronic document storage to improve document retrieval times, reduce file storage space and revolutionize your customer service.
Document Management>


Smart Alerts

Receive customized proactive alerts so you can address issues the moment they arise ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met.
Smart Alerts>


Resource Planner

Enhance the visibility and utilization of your internal resources ensuring appropriately qualified staff are allocated to the right tasks.
Resource Planner>


Online Portal

Drive customer loyalty while enhancing brand awareness using the Online Portal, allowing your customers to quickly place orders and access the information they need from you 24/7.
Online Portal >

telematics hub

MCS Telematics Hub

Say hello to the full visibility of your telematics data. From stolen asset recovery to increased revenue, you’ll be able to take huge steps towards greater efficiency and improved productivity of your rental fleet.
Telematics Hub>

e-sign digital document signing

MCS E-Sign

Transform your rental quotes and contracts with MCS E-Sign, letting your customers easily sign documents at the click of a button.
MCS E-Sign>

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mobile hire tools

Mobile apps and web solutions for your equipment rental business

Empower your workforce on the move with our mobile apps and web solutions, all designed for specific areas of your business. With the ability to work both on or offline and gather real-time information for your workers on the move, you will become more responsive and be able to consistently deliver on your promises and provide excellent customer service.

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RM Web

Improve rental management with everything you need on one device. With MCS RM Web, you can manage your rental business wherever you are with everything you need in one place, helping you reach new heights of productivity.
RM Web >



Make your on-site client meetings more productive and access important customer information so you never miss an opportunity when on the move.
CRM Web >

MCS Picking


Empower your warehouse staff with MCS Picking to accelerate the picking of equipment for your rental bookings, increasing the productivity of your workforce.
Picking >

MCS Transport Mobile

Mobile Transport

The paperless way to manage your transport logistics with optimized routes and real-time status updates from drivers in the field.
Mobile Transport >

MCS Workshop Mobile

Mobile Workshop

Streamline and manage your maintenance activity with an app to provide engineers with a paperless workflow and provide your back office with instant real-time information from their job status updates.
Mobile Workshop >

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Concentrate on running your rental company, safe in the knowledge that your business will always be protected, your data remains secure and your IT infrastructure is managed by professionals so that you don't need to worry.

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At a glance

  • Secure and easily accessible from any location
  • Save time for your IT resources and reap cost efficiencies
  • Fixed monthly fee and MCS takes care of everything
  • Protection of your vital business data and up-to-date backups
  • Speedy implementation to get you moving
  • Scalable to grow alongside you
  • Access to experienced IT support consultants if you need them

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