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Country: France
Industry: Cinema Equipment Rental

Key Benefits

  • Flexible software that can be adapted to specific client requirements
  • Visibility of rental equipment allows real-time monitoring of stock and reallocation between depots
  • Automatic stock renewal triggered when stock levels reach a certain level
  • Excellent user cooperation resulting from module-by-module implementation

The Challenge

TSF needed a more sophisticated software solution to manage a number of different businesses, each with its own specific requirements: film shop, vehicle fleet, film studio rental and various types of film equipment (cameras, lighting, grip (machinery to move the cameras). Also, TSF needed to have the ability to analyse its activities in order to improve its management decisions.

The Solution

MCS offered a flexible solution that could be modified to meet the specific needs of TSF.

Why MCS?

The solution offered by MCS solved the problem of managing all our businesses, each with specific needs, in one package. It is ideally suited to the film industry. The job, or film record, was specially adapted for TSF and contains key information such as the names of the director, producer, cinematographer, etc. It gave us the ability analyse key data. It soon became clear that MCS provided the solution that best suited our needs.

Real-time stock monitoring

The main advantage of the software is the real-time inventory tracking. The multi-site stock checking feature allows us to see where equipment is located and helps us manage the equipment transfer between branches and relocate equipment to respond to market demand.

Accurate invoicing;

When returning from a shoot, MCS-rm allows you to invoice for lost, stolen or damaged equipment and to adjust the stock.


More efficient internal processes

The software implementation raised questions that allowed us to review the way we work, so we took this opportunity to properly reallocate internal skills to various business activities: workshop, purchasing, planning and business management. This has allowed us to work more efficiently.

Time saving and integration with other planning tools

We are an international group spread across several companies in different countries and thanks to MCS-rm we can manage the export of invoices and customer forms within all the various individual resource planning tools. Without MCS-rm there would be a lot of data duplication so it has saved us a considerable amount of time.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, TSF Group employees can:

  • Invoice more accurately as returns are checked for breakages, missing items are logged and meters are read to record mileage.
  • Organise all documents (quotes, contracts and invoices) for each film under the film sheet.
  • Manage sales and improve stock control at the CinéBoutique with barcode scanners.
MCS has made us more efficient, so I would recommend the software to any company looking to improve the management of its rental operations.

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