Company Overview


The sustainable success of MCS depends on the effective management of safety, health, environment, quality, energy, and carbon reduction. In accordance with our ISO accreditation, our sustainability policy is periodically reviewed, updated and communicated.


A message from our Managing Director

"At MCS, my role as MD is to ensure our business operates sustainably, not only for the sake of the environment and society, but also because doing so makes good business sense. We are committed to caring for our people, the planet and its resources and ensuring our business operates responsibly." Guy van der Knaap, Managing Director

Caring for our team


At MCS, we aim to create an engaging and empowering environment where all our employees have the opportunity to grow and thrive. We demonstrate respect for our colleagues and customers and nurture a culture of inclusivity, diversity, respect and support. Our team is committed to continually seeking ways to constantly improve the way we work, with training being provided where necessary.


Innovation & Customer focus


As part of our close collaboration with our customers, we are dedicated to the continuous development and improvement of our web-based and mobile software solutions.


Health & Safety


We believe that everyone is entitled to a safe and healthy working environment. We seek to address health and safety risks, to identify gaps in skills and promote a safe organisational culture. The company actively encourages a work-life balance through flexible working and access to welfare and support services.


Environmental responsibility & community


MCS is committed to contributing to local community projects and donates 10% of its profits to charitable organisations each year. To reduce our environmental impact, we strive to achieve the following:


  • To minimise carbon emissions through effective energy and transport management
  • To encourage the use of public transport, walking, cycling and vehicle sharing
  • To minimise the environmental impact of waste through appropriate re-use and recycling
  • To develop working practices to reduce waste and prevent pollution
  • To allow flexible working to reduce travel time and fuel consumption

Carbon Neutral


Through a partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain, we have been able to accurately measure our impact and contribute to offsetting projects that not only combat carbon emissions but also support sustainable development worldwide.


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