Helping to break the cycle of child poverty

MCS has pledged to donate 10% of its profits annually to five different charities specialising in giving young disadvantaged people the opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have. 

The Link Foundation, Maidenhead, UK

The Link Foundation, based near the MCS headquarters in Maidenhead and Marlow, provides help and assistance to families struggling in the local community, often due to circumstances beyond their control.

With donations made by MCS, The Link Foundation has made Christmas memorable for children for whom it may be their last. The charity has assisted parents that have lost their homes and had nowhere to turn, and even offering hot food and healthy meals to those who cannot access them.  

In 2021 alone, The Link Foundation was able to offer over 50 beds and cots to vulnerable children in the area that were sleeping on sofas, dirty mattresses, piles of coats, or even the floor. As well as this, the charity supplied over 900 meals every week to families unable to feed their children, along with providing laptops to young students who could not continue their learning from home during Covid-19 due to a lack of technology.

Link Foundation
Link Foundation

First Days, Wokingham, UK

First Days are a charity based near the MCS Headquarters that works and campaigns to end child poverty. Their mission is to empower families in the area on a low income or experiencing financial hardship to still access everything they need to be safe, confident, and have fun.

Providing key essential items such as school uniforms, new baby essentials, travel equipment, safety items, toiletries, furniture, books, and toys, First Days understands some small things that can make a big difference to families.

Stewart House, Sydney, Australia

Based in Sydney, Australia, Stewart House provides crucial care and respite for children in need. Every year up to 1700 children will visit Stewart House to participate in a 12-day health and wellbeing program. The Australian-based charity supports children who have been victims of abuse, domestic violence, neglect, and extreme poverty, are young carers themselves, and more.  

While at Stewart House, these children are given basic healthcare, including dentistry and eye tests, and receive support from qualified psychologists. They also participate in fun activities with their peers to unwind and relax. The charity provides items such as toothbrushes, school shoes, and toiletries they cannot access.  

With the help of MCS, in 2021 Stewart House was able to renovate its dining and social areas for their children to enjoy. They also obtained more essential items, including medications, toiletries, socks, underwear, and new shoes, all of which over 85% of children who arrive at Stewart House, do not have. 

Link Foundation
Columba Youth Partnership

Columba Youth Leadership, Johannesburg, South Africa

Working with young people aged 15 to 25, Columba Leadership helps encourage them to develop their leadership skills to transition from school life into the world of work successfully.  

Enabling young people to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, resilience, and leadership skills means they can grow into successful adults with many vital skills they will need for the future.

Friends of Alexandra, Alexandra, South Africa

Friends of Alexandra is a pre-school crèche that offers early years support and care for young children in one of the most struggling townships in South Africa. Many children welcomed to Friends of Alexandra are orphaned or live in extreme poverty in the area without access to many basic needs.  

Friends of Alexandra provides daycare for young children, teaching them the alphabet, nursery rhymes, colours, shapes, and days of the week. The charity gives locally sourced nutritious meals to the children, which they would otherwise not receive at home.

Link Foundation

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