It's a breeze

Concentrate on running your rental company, safe in the knowledge that your business is always protected, your data is secure and your IT infrastructure is managed by software specialists and experts in the rental industry.

Maintenance Management

Freedom from hardware responsibilities

Free yourself from the burden of having to look after and maintain your hardware. Your rental management software doesn't need to take up precious hours of your time. Free up in-house IT resources and remove overheads with our cloud rental solutions, allowing you to focus on your strategy and your rental business.

Reliable & Consistent Cashflow

Affordable fixed monthly fee

With cloud-based rental management software, you can reduce your upfront capital expenditure. With affordable monthly payments, you can simplify and accurately budget and forecast your fixed outgoings.

Accessible Rental Management Solution

Ultimate accessibility

Your staff can access their equipment rental software and data remotely from any location and even from mobile devices – meaning queries can be answered and resolved swiftly. Confidently take advantage of mobile apps without the worry of data security and managing complex internal systems.

Tiger Plant
With MCS, we no longer have to use pieces of paper or various calendar software to help us run the business on a daily basis. It's helped us astronomically. It's so much more efficient than the way we were working before.

Tiger Plant

Additional features of cloud-based rental software


For a growing hire business, your equipment rental software needs flexible enough so that you can increase or reduce capacity very quickly. With MCS cloud-based rental software, users can be added or removed from the network without having to alter the underlying IT infrastructure. It's quick, simple, and takes no time at all.

Run your entire rental business from the cloud

Make your life easier with MCS Cloud Rental Software Solutions, eliminating the stress and worry of managing your own server for your rental management solution.

With cloud-based rental software, you can take advantage of mobile and web solutions without costly overheads. Your team can access the same data as if they were in the office, and communicate with the back office seamlessly.

Affordable, predictable, reliable

Cloud-based rental software solutions give you a more affordable and predictable way of doing business with no nasty surprises. Everything will be kept up-to-date and your rental software will be running with the best anti-virus, latest security updates, and back-ups should you ever need them.

Protect your equipment rental company from disaster

With MCS Cloud rental management software you can rest easy knowing that there are inbuilt disaster recovery facilities and regular data back-ups ensuring your data is always accessible, safe and secure. So even if your business premises were to succumb to a disaster, you can trust MCS cloud to keep your rental business running from any other premises, saving your valuable hours maintaining your own back-ups and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Dedicated IT personnel for your rental management software

With access to trained IT support consultants, you won't need to recruit your own or need to invest in third-party IT companies to manage your equipment rental software solution. Your MCS cloud datacentre is fully managed by MCS’s experienced technicians who ensure that your cloud rental software always runs smoothly in the background.

Multi-site deployment and working on the move

You can set up and manage remote access to your head office server from each of your sites so that you can run your rental business seamlessly from each of your depots. With the ability to access your equipment rental software solution from anywhere 24/7, and on any device, your teams will be able to be productive and efficient no matter their location.



Explore our rental software solution

Read more about the key features within MCS-rm rental management software that are revolutionising the hire and rental industry.




Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With MCS Rental Software, customer management has never been simpler. You can manage your sales pipeline activity from enquiry through to final order and undertake proactive marketing campaigns to nurture your key client and prospect relationships.

MCS workshop


Rental businesses need equipment that is always certified and fit for hire. With a workshop solution you can keep accurate service records, plan regular preventive maintenance and manage accidental equipment damage and loss, all within your rental software solution.
Workshop >



Inventory management can be made simple with MCS Purchasing. You can keep tight control of your expenditure on your rental equipment, track inventory, spares and rehires and manage your preferred suppliers all in one easy to use rental system.
Purchasing >


Dashboards & Business Intelligence

Gain meaningful insight into your rental data to help you analyse your strengths, weaknesses and understand changing trends in the rental industry. You'll be able to transform your strategic decision making and stay one step ahead of other equipment rental companies.
Reporting, Dashboards & Business Intelligence >

electronic trading

Electronic Trading

As the rental industry becomes more advanced, the need to send and receive customer, supplier and financial documents electronically is increasing in demand, for a labour-free solution to your paperwork processes.
Electronic Trading >


Document Management

Go paperless and switch to electronic document storage to improve document retrieval times, reduce file storage space and revolutionise your customer service.
Document Management >


Smart Alerts

Receive customised proactive alerts so you can address issues the moment they arise ensuring that the highest standards are consistently met, you excel in customer service and save time on administration tasks.
Smart Alerts >


Resource Planner

With cloud-based resource management, you can enhance the visibility and utilisation of your internal resources ensuring appropriately qualified staff are allocated to the right tasks.
Resource Planner >


Online Shop

Offer your clients a convenient way to create online reservations with an online booking platform, opening up new markets and increasing your revenue streams. Any online bookings that are made by your customers go directly into your rental solution, ready for your hire team.
Online Shop >


Customer Portal

Drive customer loyalty, enhance brand awareness, and reduce costs by using a personalised Customer Portal allowing your clients to self-serve the information they need. Your rental customers will have the power to raise off-hire requests and view their rental documents.
Customer Portal >

telematics hub

MCS Telematics Hub

Say hello to full visibility of your telematics data and equipment tracking all within your rental software solution. From stolen asset recovery to increased revenue, you’ll achieve greater efficiency and improved productivity of your hire fleet by tracking your inventory all in one place.
Telematics Hub >

e-sign digital document signing

MCS E-Sign

Transform your hire quotes, contracts, and rental agreements with MCS E-Sign, letting your customers easily sign documents at the click of a button which will then be automatically stored in the right place in your rental software package.
E-Sign >

Mobile Tools

Mobile tools

Rental businesses are now empowering workforces with mobile apps for sales, transport, workshop and warehouse teams, creating truly paperless processes. With the extensive functionality of mobile and web solutions, you can gather real-time information from your workers on the move to become more responsive and ensure you deliver on your promises.


View our mobile solutions

RM mobile

RM Web

Your rental management software solution on mobile. Manage your rental business whilst you're on the go with everything you need all on one device, helping you reach new heights of productivity.
RM Web >

CRM mobile


Take your customer service one step further and make your on-site client meetings more productive with access to important customer information so that you never miss an opportunity when you're on the move.
CRM Web >

Workshop mobile

Workshop Mobile

Streamline and manage your equipment maintenance activity with an app to provide engineers with a paperless workflow and provide your back office with instant real-time information on job status updates.
Workshop Mobile >

Transport mobile

Transport Mobile

The paperless way to manage your transport logistics with optimised routes and real-time status updates from drivers in the field. You drivers can also take advantage of checklists to help ensure your rental processes are always adhered to.
Transport Mobile >

picking mobile


Transform your warehouse operations and eliminate human errors with MCS Picking to accelerate the picking of equipment for your rental bookings, increase the productivity of your workforce, and improve inventory tracking.
Picking >

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