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Country: Australia
Industry: Event Hire

Key Benefits

  • Having a scalable, future-proof software solution for managing its hire assets.
  • Knowing the software is adaptable and flexible to its needs.
  • The solution is backed by a company that fully understands its business needs and requirements.
  • Local and responsive support is always on hand if required.

The Challenge

South Coast Party Hire (SCPH) needed a reliable software solution which could be adapted and grow with the business’ ever-changing needs. Its previous software solution didn’t meet its requirements, lacked professionalism and was unable to track stock efficiently. SCPH specialises in party hire equipment for small and large-scale events such as weddings, private and corporate functions and festivals across Australia. Therefore, the ability of the company to be able to track all of its stock accurately was vital.

The Solution

The party hirer spent five years looking for a reliable, stable and scalable solution to facilitate its growth into the future. Along with the core MCS-rm product, SCPH has taken advantage of MCS E-Sign to help obtain signatures for hire documents more efficiently.

Why MCS?

MCS has an adaptable rental software solution and was willing to work with us to make sure that MCS-rm was the perfect solution for our business. The MCS team treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism, so we didn’t feel like we were just a cog in the process. The other winning factor for MCS was its local support, so time zone differences are not an issue when we want to talk to someone.


MCS has made us feel very comfortable during the transition process away from our previous software solution and the project team went above and beyond to make sure we were happy. We have a huge level of trust in MCS, and we know we can go to them if we have any queries and they are always on hand should we need any support.

MCS E-Sign

The introduction of MCS E-Sign has had so many positive impacts on our business. Firstly, from a compliance perspective, we are receiving more signed contracts than ever before. In the past, this was a difficult document for clients to return as they had to print, sign and scan it back to us which often led to unnecessary delays. MCS E-Sign has made this process completely effortless. It’s great!

Secondly, we have seen a massive reduction in admin time chasing signatures as the system tracks who has not returned signed for documents and sends out reminders for us.

Overall we think it’s an excellent product for our internal efficiencies and compliance as well as improving our customer service.


When implementing MCS-rm, we set a hard cut-off date for when we had to be up and running, and MCS helped us to achieve this. The timescale from the signing of the contract to going live with MCS-rm was only one week. We had to get a new system up and running with a very tight deadline and were delighted that MCS was able to achieve this. MCS also provided great post Go-Live support to help us transition across.

Since implementing MCS-rm, we feel much more positive and far less stressed than we were before. We are still in the early stages with the software; however, our stock is now more efficiently tracked and we are able to deliver fantastic service to our clients.

We are excited to develop our use of the software further and have already started to implement other modules to make our hire processes even more efficient.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, South Coast Party Hire has been able to:

  • Keep better track of its hire assets.
  • Develop confidence and trust in its hire software.
  • Collect signatures more efficiently, meaning there are fewer delays and less paperwork.
  • Reduced admin time spent chasing signed contracts, but at the same time has seen a significant increase in the number of returned, signed contracts.
South Coast Party Hire
Since implementing MCS-rm, our stock tracking is far more efficient, resulting in us feeling far less stressed than we were before. We also know that that professional support is on hand should we require it which has left us feeling far more positive about our future.

South Coast Party Hire


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