Customer Profile
Country: France
Industry: Plant and Tool Hire

Key Benefits

  • Intuitive windows-based software that is easy to use and quick to learn.
  • Improved productivity and reduced costs with access to MCS-rm reporting.
  • Adaptability of MCS-rm to perfectly meet Solomat's requirements. 
  • Improved visibility of activity across all depots helping to improve efficiency and adhere to set processes. 

The Challenge

Prior to implementing MCS-rm, Solomat had a Unix-based hire solution, but its user interface was difficult to navigate and users had to switch between many screens to carry out simple administrative tasks. The IT team decided it was time for a change. They wanted  a new solution which was easy to use and had a similar look and feel to their other Windows-based applications. In addition, Solomat were looking for a system that they could adapt to some of their specific working practices such as charging for the entire construction project, as well as the hire equipment.

The Solution

Solomat quickly decided that MCS-rm was the best match for their requirements. Over 50 users now use MCS-rm across 13 different sites allowing them to process hundreds of hire requests for operated and non-operated equipment on a daily basis.

What made you choose MCS?

Solomat have specific management requirements in order to guarantee our customers the best level of service. MCS listens to its customers and is ready to adapt the solution to suit their specific needs. This was central to our decision to choose this provider.

Easy To Use

The overall benefit of MCS-rm at Solomat is the fact that it is intuitive to use. Our users no longer need to switch between screens in the software when doing a fairly basic task.


The whole implementation was easy to adopt across the company and meant that only minimal training was required, as staff were used to working on Windows-based software.


A key benefit to Solomat has been the reporting capability. This has enabled us to produce reports across different equipment groups and subgroups and to compare and contrast the results across different company departments.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Solomat has been able to:

  • Have flexibility for invoicing its hire equipment or the entire construction project.
  • Provide powerful new costs analysis data and therefore huge cost-savings, which were previously unavailable.
  • Raise contracts in MCS-rm without having to keep switching between screens to do delivery, collections and exchanges.
  • Monitor depot activity using the Excel Pivot table functionality, allowing them to cross-reference hire data in many different ways.
  • Ensure their company pricing structure is being applied for each depot and monitor the average duration of a hire.
  • Analyse the cost-effectiveness of different types of machines and where to reduce or increase their fleet numbers in the future.
  • Report on repair trends related to a particular brand of machine and accurately assess whether a machine should be made obsolete if experiencing recurring problems.
  • Improve customer service and overall customer satisfaction by using XML formatted invoices, helping them to work towards a paperless office and improve traceability and resolution of queries.
The whole implementation was easy to adopt across the company and meant that only minimal training was required, as staff were used to working on Windows-based software.



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