Customer Profile:
Country: Hungary
Sector: Plant & Tool Hire

Key Benefits

  • Profirent has a stable, reliable solution, which will facilitate its growth into new locations.
  • Electronic signatures can be easily captured and stored for all rental documents.
  • The flexibility of the MCS Hire Software means that the solution is perfect for Profirent and its needs.

The Challenge

For 11 years, Profirent had been using the same system. It is a fast-growing company, tripling its revenue within this period, and had the desire to expand into other eastern European countries. To do this, it needed a stable, reliable, modern rental management software as its existing solution was outdated and development on it had ceased.

The Solution

Profirent needed a system which could not only manage its rental assets, but it needed to be able to handle everything associated with the rental business, including all the statutory requirements. It did consider going for an ERP system with a rental add on, but this wasn’t an ideal solution for it, as the staff wanted a fully integrated solution, which could manage everything from the point of order through to delivery and invoicing.

Why MCS?

We decided that MCS was the right software solution for us, as from the outset, the software made a big impression on us. It looked extremely capable of managing our requirements, which left us feeling very positive about the solution.

MCS E-Sign

MCS E-Sign is a great addition to our rental business. It means that we can easily obtain signatures for quotes and contracts, and these signed documents immediately get transferred to our document management system.


Profirent now has a solution which covers every rental process, which is more than our previous system could do. We were up and running with the first phase of going live within just two and a half months. The second phase is now well underway, and we are excited about the added functionality this will give us.

We recognise we have unique and complex development requirements when it comes to our rental software. However, the product specialists are very experienced and have been able to offer us lots of advice and ongoing support with the system, so we never struggle or feel alone with it.


We have a good relationship with MCS. We love the collaborative approach to software enhancements. This is great for the long term as we feel confident in knowing where future software development is going.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Profirent has been able to:

  • Build upon its business whilst having the reassurance of a stable, reliable rental solution.
  • Work in collaboration with MCS to adapt the software to its unique requirements.
  • Close contracts quicker with MCS E-Sign.
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Our experience with MCS has been very positive so far. We are looking forward to the future with MCS, implementing more modules, as well as developing the software further to fit with our unique and complex requirements.



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