Customer Profile
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Portable Sanitation Hire

Key Benefits

  • Ease of use with an intuitive Windows-based solution that was quickly adopted by users.
  • Management reporting creates a reliable, up-to-date picture of the business.
  • Powerful CRM with a centralised store of customer data.
  • Improved efficiency and service delivery with Transport Manager and servicing functionality.

The Challenge

Portable Toilets had outgrown their previous hire system, researched the market for a new solution and identified MCS-rm as a front-runner. In addition to demonstrating the software, MCS explored exactly what Portable Toilets needed, offering a solution that could be tailored to meet the company’s specific requirements.

The Solution

Portable Toilets purchased MCS-rm and it now manages its entire portable sanitation fleet of over 5,000 items. The new MCS-rm system co-ordinates and centralises all of Portable Toilets’ hire contract processing, administration and invoicing, as well as product and customer-centric information within the MCS CRM solution.

Easy To Use

Being Microsoft Windows-based, MCS-rm was intuitive right from the start, and even non-technical users got to grips with it very quickly.


MCS CRM supports us in building the strong customer relationships that are at the heart of our business. We exchange so much information with a vast range of customers and CRM helps us to keep track of it all. We log every call and at a touch of a button, it pulls across all the emails into one customer record. Time is saved as any updates to a customer’s details need to be done just once.

Transport Manager

There was nothing as graphical or as easy to use on our previous system.

Document Scanner

If there’s any query about whether units on a particular site have been serviced, we want to be able to scan the job confirmation sheet signed by the site manager, so we have it on record to email to the customer.

Management Reporting

We now have facts and figures we can trust. Reports include monitoring monthly turnover and analysing which customers are spending most, in which sector, and at which depot.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Portable Toilets has been able to:

  • Plan and co-ordinate drivers that deliver, collect, and service their fleet of toilets using Transport Manager. This helps to optimise routes provide additional driver information, leading to better use of time and lower fuel costs.
  • Specify the required frequency of servicing of their toilets under hire contract.
  • Print toilet service receipts with a barcode and, back at the depot, the signed services sheets can be scanned and electronically recorded against the relevant hire contract within MCS-rm.
  • See an instant, colour-coded overview of the status of deliveries, collections and returns.
  • Analyse their most profitable customers with management reporting.
  • Save time with centrally stored customer information with MCS CRM.
Portable Toilets Testimonial
MCS CRM supports us in building the strong customer relationships that are at the heart of our business.

Portable Toilets


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