Customer Profile:
Country: Netherlands
Sector: Powered Access & Crane Hire

Key Benefits

  • Access to accurate and reliable stock levels to help improve asset utilisation on which to make more informed decisions.
  • Sales team are able to focus on converting outstanding quotations into rental bookings and orders using comprehensive CRM solution.
  • Access, from any mobile device, of all customer information including order history, customer debt and CRM actions.
  • Outstanding customer service offering with the use of the accurate warehouse picking process using mobile devices.

The Challenge

IPAF member, Hoogwerkservice, is an independent supplier of aerial platforms, cranes and lifting equipment for both rental and sale. With its older software solution becoming increasingly outdated and lacking development, it became clear that its current software package was not able to support future plans for growth. The search was on to modernise the software solution and find a reliable software partner.

The Solution

Hoogwerkservice made a shortlist of just two vendors. It selected MCS-rm because of the company’s experience and flexibility, gained from over thirty plus years within the rental industry. The future proof MCS software solution appealed to Hoogwerkservice as it is coded in the most up-to-date Microsoft .NET technology using an open Microsoft SQL database.

Asset Management

With MCS-rm, we have complete visibility of our entire rental and sales inventory. It helps to show what machines are available to rent and means that we offer our customers equipment in the best possible condition which is essential for our growing rental business. We can now track each machine throughout its lifecycle and know where it has been, what revenue it has earned and how much it has cost - all at the touch of a button. Knowing this information means we can make the right investment decisions.


CRM has allowed our sales people to be far more organised in making their follow up calls for any quotation that goes out to a prospect or customer. We can see how many quotes have been converted into contracts and which ones are outstanding. CRM has allowed our sales team to be more effective and focused in their activity.

CRM Mobile

With the MCS CRM, we have complete visibility of all our customer transactions and their activity. We have 5 or 6 sales people using CRM and it was a natural next step to use MCS CRM Mobile on our smartphones. Now, when any sales person goes onto a customer site, they can find out everything they need to know about their customers and see all previous history.

AFAS Integration

The integration between MCS-rm and AFAS is perfect for us. We can see all outstanding payments on customer invoices without leaving the MCS-rm desktop application. When we add purchase orders in MCS-rm, they get put through directly into AFAS. Essentially, you have every piece of information you need at your fingertips, which saves us so much time.

Picking Mobile

When we send a machine out on hire to a customer, the warehouse picker sometimes gets the serial number wrong and that means that the wrong machine goes out to the customer. MCS Picking Mobile will make a big difference to the accuracy of our picking process.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Hoogwerkservice:

  • Is now able to control and monitor its entire inventory of rental assets as well as machine sales.
  • Can better understand its customers’ needs with a consolidated view of all customer interactions, order history and financial data in MCS-rm.
  • Will see improvements in the accuracy of its warehouse picking process by using mobile devices and electronic pick lists.
  • Can monitor and track the history of any machine throughout its lifecycle and be able to understand the return on investment.
Just like us, MCS is a company that embraces future technology and never stands still. In choosing MCS as our software partner, we have made sure that our software solutions will continue to evolve in line with our future growing needs, from a company that we know we can trust.



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