MCS Rental Software unveils its sleek new Online Portal

07 February 2024

MCS Rental Software unveils its sleek new Online Portal

MCS Rental Software, a leading provider of rental management solutions, is excited to announce the release of its new online portal. It has been designed to give rental businesses the ability to provide their customers with a fresh and modern user experience. In addition to combining the functionality of the Online Shop and Customer Portal, the Online Portal has the look and feel of the MCS RM Web platform, providing consistency and enhanced functionality for rental businesses worldwide.

The new Online Portal features a contemporary design that reflects MCS Rental Software’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. With a sleek and intuitive interface, customers of rental businesses can navigate through the portal seamlessly enjoying an enhanced customer experience. Further benefits include efficient daily operations, increased usability for all team members, and the convenience of having damage and documentation photos all in one place.

Josh Lewis, MCS President, comments:

"We are thrilled to introduce our new online portal, which enhances usability and brings a modern touch to our rental management solutions. With a consistent design that aligns with our popular MCS RM Web platform, we provide our customers with a unified experience across all our products."

The portal's responsiveness empowers users to efficiently manage their operations from anywhere, enabling them to make well-informed decisions in real time. This powerful tool makes information about available rentals easily accessible, equipment certifications can be retrieved, and copies of invoices can be generated, all in one convenient location.

Josh adds,

“Ensuring convenience and user-friendliness is crucial for the new Online Portal. From searching contracts by site, order number, delivery dates, or viewing attached scanned documents and damage photos, the new Online Portal provides a centralized hub where users can find everything they need in one single, easily accessible, location.”

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