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Country: Netherlands
Industry: Power Generator Hire

Key Benefits

  • Improved efficiency by eliminating the need to rekey data into multiple systems and databases.
  • Better customer service offering by being able to answer customer queries quickly and accurately.
  • Improved asset management with the ability to keep track of what equipment is out and when it is due back.
  • Faster picking activities using barcode technology that ensures manual errors are not made and each item picked can be kept track of and matched to the order accordingly.

The Challenge

Before MCS-rm, De Wit Aggregaten were using Excel spreadsheets and paper-based information documents to run their hire operation. The process was long winded, error prone and time consuming. Their monthly invoicing would take a number of days simply because information needed to be replicated and then manually sent out. They were in need of a solution that would bring together their hire processes and allow them to be more productive and work more efficiently. 

The Solution

After looking at the market, De Wit Aggregaten decided that MCS-rm was the most comprehensive and cost efficient and so the deal was sealed with MCS. Their new system, MCS-rm, promised to provide a flawless integration with Exact, their Dutch accounting system as well as provide a smooth automated flow of information between their procedures.

Consolidated rental processes

Now, with integration between all our separate information sources and an automated flow of information between the contract processing, invoicing and accountancy systems, we can report on any aspect of our rental business without having to manually search for the information from disparate sources.

Saving time and reducing errors

The obvious benefit is that MCS-rm has reduced the administrative burden of producing our monthly run of invoices. We no longer have to rekey in all the information again. This has led to massive time savings and fewer errors, so we can now spend our time on more productive activities.

Increased asset visibility 

This has improved our service as we can obtain information at a touch of a button to give an instant answer to customers’ queries. With every asset being captured on the system, including power cables, generator sets and fuel tanks, we can easily drill down and analyse information to find important key performance indicators, such as equipment utilisation on certain groups or revenue streams from certain generators. In the past, these stats couldn't be easily calculated and we spent a lot of time trying to get to this level of reporting on information.


MCS-rm software has also allowed us to plan more effectively; now the depots can plan for larger projects because they have an accurate picture of what equipment is out and when it is due back.

Picking efficiency

Rather than picking each item off the shelf and then having to check that the right item is selected on the contract, we will be able automatically upload each item of stock, using the barcode scanning technology, to the corresponding rental contract. With so many items going out on each rental contract, this will be an invaluable aid to tracking our assets and speeding up our picking activities. If this works well then, we hope to move onto scanning other documents such as signed-for delivery notes.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, De Wit Aggregaten has been able to:

  • Reduce the time taken to send out monthly invoicing from days to just a few hours.
  • Modernise their manual rental contracts, invoicing and accountancy processes to improve business-wide productivity.
  • Plan and manage their rental supply chain.
  • Analyse key business performance indicators.
  • Transfer information across different rental and accountancy processes with the introduction of automated invoicing.
The MCS-rm functionality matched our tick-list of requirements. Not only did it offer the basics in terms of rental management, it had a wider range of functionality that would help us to plan and manage our rental supply chain, analyse key performance business indicators, and integrate with Exact, our new Dutch accounting system.

De Wit Aggregaten


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