Why choose a rental software partner with proven customer support excellence?

05 October 2022

Why choose a rental software partner with proven customer support excellence?

Your software could work just fine and ultimately do the things you need it to do. But, if dealing with the people behind the scenes is hard work, impossible to understand, or simply lacking in customer support, it isn’t the right solution for your business. Ultimately the perfect fit needs to be a mix of fantastic software and second-to-none customer support to match, and it’s not an impossible combination. So what should you consider to find the perfect rental partner?

People you can trust

Honesty, open conversations, and people who stick to their word are three ways to find a team you can trust. Ensuring that your rental software team will be there to give you straight answers and talk in a language that you understand rather than blind you with technical jargon can make a world of difference.

Help is there when you need it

There will be times when you need a helping hand, have a quick question, or something seems to have gone wrong, and you need some support. Your software provider must have all the tools in place to make it easy for you to contact them and get help when you need it.

Using an online logging system to raise questions, ask for help, or report a problem, makes it easier than ever to get through to the right person and get a quick and guaranteed response. No waiting in call queues or trying to explain the situation to multiple people as you get passed from team to team; just write it all down and let your software partner do the rest.

When you first start up a new software solution, you should also benefit from a dedicated project consultant who will help and guide you as you begin setting up and using the software for the first time. Having one main point of contact for any questions and training is invaluable when it comes to kick-starting your journey with a new rental software solution.

A partner to help you grow

Dedicated account managers who keep in touch, visit you and keep an open dialogue going so that they can help you make the most out of your software package make a huge difference. You’ll be able to transition from software that ‘just works’ to using software that empowers you to grow your hire business and optimize your rental operation.

Ensuring that you will have the ability to collaborate, innovate, and discuss with other like-minded users is also an excellent way to develop a good relationship with your rental solutions provider and their other users. Taking part in user groups helps ensure that you are always innovating and improving your ways of working as a business.

You also want to choose a rental solutions provider that will constantly develop its software. This could be new features, new integrations, new industry requirements, and even developments suggested by you. Flexibility means that you’ll be able to achieve your goals and ambitions without feeling like your rental software is ever holding you back.

If you want to learn about our dedication to providing cutting-edge rental software without compromising our customer service, get in touch with our team today and let us prove that we’re different from the rest. You can also find out what our customers have to say in our case studies to hear what they think of our software and the MCS family.

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