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Country: United Kingdom
Sector: Marine Rental

Key Benefits

  • Commercial Marine has adopted a future-proof software solution to facilitate its business expansion goals across the UK and Europe.
  • Equipment status transparency has shortened turnaround times and increased utilization and revenue.
  • Reduced data duplication by integrating its financial package with MCS-rm.
  • Scheduled equipment maintenance is no longer overlooked and occurs at convenient times with timely workshop reminder notifications.

The Challenge

Commercial Marine had a software solution that wasn’t up to the job. Any form of data entry was a laborious process, with systems that didn’t integrate, and it was costly too. As its old system could not do what was needed, Commercial Marine decided not to make any further investment in it and sought an alternative solution.

The Solution

To expand the business in line with its business goals, Commercial Marine needed to find a new solution. After a lengthy research period, trialing numerous software solutions, it determined that MCS was the perfect fit due to its ability to adapt to its needs and offered the mobile functionality it desired.

CRM, Quote and Contract Management

MCS-rm handles everything from quoting through to invoicing, which is excellent. We love the fact we can enter customer information into the built-in CRM, link jobs to them and carry this right through the rental process to sending the final invoice. Reminders can also be set up to follow up on unfulfilled quotes, meaning we can keep on top of our business. It saves us a lot of time, so we don’t need the same number of staff to do the same tasks previously as it can all be handled by the system.

Financial Package Integration

Having our financial system, QuickBooks, linked with MCS-rm is fantastic as we’re not having to duplicate data which removes the room for error. All our invoices that are created within MCS-rm can also be seen and accounted for within the financial system.

Daily Diary

Having the Daily Diary is an invaluable feature of MCS-rm. Since using it, we have saved vast amounts of admin time when organising equipment. We can clearly see our equipment broken down by day, location, what is due back, what is due out and what is in the workshop, all helping us to manage our assets more efficiently and keep track of availability.

Equipment Tracking

Since implementing MCS-rm, our ability to track our equipment, whether in the depot, in transit or on site, has drastically improved. As a result, we can now utilise our assets far more efficiently which has big financial rewards for the company.


Implementing the Workshop module was the best decision for the business. We not only have our own equipment come into the workshop for maintenance and repair, but we also look after equipment for other customers. MCS Workshop shows us what is in the workshop each day, highlighting anything that remains outstanding so that we quickly know what repairs have been completed by the workshop staff and which items are ready to go back out for rental. It also keeps track of all the work done and any parts that have been used so they can be charged back to the customer, where required, and nothing is missed, so that there is no financial loss to the business.

Health & Safety

With the Workshop module, we also have an electronic paper trail to prove that the equipment has been fully checked and is safe for purpose, which brings lots of reassurance to us. Not only this, but reminders come up when equipment is due any maintenance, so it cannot be overlooked.


MCS E-Sign is a fantastic addition to MCS-rm. Previously, we tried to get signatures for equipment on devices on delivery, which never worked properly and we would constantly get queries on equipment when invoicing. We only deliver equipment now when a customer has digitally signed a contract. Using digital signatures removes the issue of customers claiming they haven’t received what they requested and therefore asking for money off of an invoice. Getting signatures for all our rental documents is now a smooth, slick process which takes the customer from the point of order through to invoice seamlessly, saving the back-office team multiple hours per week.


Implementing the MCS software couldn’t have been an easier process. The support team were absolutely brilliant, on hand to help us wherever needed and we were able to pick up the software very quickly - something that we weren’t able to do with our previous software solution.


The MCS team are all fantastic. They have made the transition from our previous rental solution to MCS totally seamless. They work with the utmost professionalism and friendliness and are very approachable if we have any queries.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Commercial Marine has been able to:

  • Save 50% of its annual expenditure.
  • Reclaim 75% of the time previously spent on admin duties to carry out other tasks.
  • Improve customer service with better document control, quoting processes, signature attainment, and asset management.
  • Improve organization with all documents being stored electronically and being accessible anywhere, anytime.
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We are glad that we made a move from our previous software provider to MCS, as not only is the software far more user friendly, but the customer care and professionalism of MCS is on a far higher level. We look forward to a long working relationship with all at MCS.

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