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Country: France
Industry: Internal Hire, Construction

Key Benefits

  • Better efficiency thanks to the use of a powerful tool that improves communication and ways of working.
  • Compliance with ISO Standards thanks to Business Intelligence tools which help to control the maintenance of equipment.
  • Usage reports are useful to check equipment profitability.
  • Statistics on equipment utilization are used to make investment decisions.
  • Greater visibility of asset availability and location of equipment.

The Challenge

Cardinal Edifice is a large French construction company and its equipment department manages a fairly substantial fleet. The company’s management team had identified the need for a centralized tool that enables it to manage equipment availability, allocate costs to various construction sites, save time and improve efficiency. It was previously using software which could no longer cope with the ever-increasing demands on the equipment department.

The Solution

Since installing MCS-rm rental software, Cardinal Edifice has implemented processes that give it better visibility on its fleet, simplifies the way it works, and improves the efficiency of its rental operation.

What made you choose MCS?

After drawing up a software requirements wish-list and evaluating all the different alternatives, we found that MCS-rm was the best tool to match our needs, to offer complete visibility of our equipment usage and demonstrate an end-to-end solution to manage all our rental activities from contracts through to deliveries, invoicing and maintenance monitoring.

Better Efficiency and time savings

Before MCS-rm, we had to manually create work orders for teams. Now, we just need to press the ‘print’ button and a picking list gets dispatched to all the teams. This is a huge time saver for us as we have less manual entries to key in.

ISO compliance

Business Intelligence is a very useful tool. To ensure our compliance with ISO standards we have to control certain indicators at 100%, such as the topographic equipment maintenance. I just need to click on the button "update" and I can obtain the figures for the month or the previous 6 months. I no longer have the dilemma I used to have when I had to add up all the invoices manually.

Increased accuracy of deliveries and invoicing

Deliveries are loaded according to the instructions of the picking list. At the end of the month, it is simple to invoice each building site without forgetting any item.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm rental management software, Cardinal Edifice can:

  • Control the profitability of each machine to help decide whether to continue using them or replace them.
  • Follow the maintenance of vehicles and cranes and make sure it does not miss any compulsory control.
  • Simplify the ordering process by using the Online Shop. The sites place equipment orders online themselves, saving the time it would take the equipment department to process and check the orders.
  • Allocate the costs to each site at the end of the month.
  • Work with multiple windows: for example, it is possible to have a contract open and display the equipment in another window.
Cardinal Edifice Testimonial
The evolving nature of MCS-rm and the stability of the company were decisive factors in choosing MCS.

Cardinal Edifice


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