Free up time in your hire business by working smarter

16 June 2016

Free up time in your hire business by working smarter

Time is money. If you're wasting time it therefore follows that you're also wasting money. Free up your precious time - and improve your profits - by making sure your company is working as efficiently as it can, at all times.

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to find misfiled paperwork, chasing payments from people who won't pay because they believe there's an error on their invoice, creating credit notes and re-invoicing etc.

Or with your sales staff working remotely, they spend time on their return to the office typing up notes from site visits and updating your CRM system.

Using a modern hire management system you can be sure that hire charges are correctly applied, meaning all invoices are accurate and are always supplied with their signed proof of deliveries to avoid payment disputes and queries.

Mobile apps save time by making remote workers more productive in the field. They have direct access to useful hire data, so aren't phoning back to the office with queries, as well as being able to capture new quotes and input customer notes no matter where they are located.

With a hire software solution, all your customer information is in one place, which improves knowledge and internal communication across your company.

As time is saved, your company will become more efficient and therefore more profitable.

To see how you could save your workforce time with hire management software, read the MCS Case study 'How Zenn Hire solved its hire business issues' that explains how the company overcame various departmental challenges to become more flexible, competitive and profitable.

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