MCS Rental Software introduces new QR code functionality

28 December 2023

MCS Rental Software introduces new QR code functionality

MCS Rental Software, a leading provider of rental management solutions, announces the launch of a new, innovative feature that will revolutionise the way customers interact with their rental equipment - QR code scanning.

This powerful new feature allows MCS customers to place a unique QR code on any piece of equipment. By simply scanning this code, rental customers gain instant access to a wealth of information, such as user manuals, certificates, and other useful data. This provides them with an enhanced user experience, placing crucial information right at their fingertips.

Nick Thomson, Sales Director at MCS Rental Software, explains

"We are delighted to launch our new QR code scanning feature. It's all about enhancing the customer experience and providing a value-added service. By offering quick and easy access to essential product information, we're making life easier for our customers and their clients."

What's more, MCS Rental Software has ensured that this new feature not only empowers the end-user but also promotes brand consistency for the rental companies. The stored information accessed via the QR code can be customized to include company branding, ensuring that every interaction a customer has with the rental equipment strengthens the brand image.

Nick concludes,

"Implementing QR code technology in equipment rental operations goes beyond digitisation; it is a step towards improved efficiency and increased customer satisfaction. For rental companies, it simplifies operations, maintains brand consistency, and provides better service. Clients benefit from easy access to comprehensive information, saving them time and improving their overall rental experience. It's a win-win scenario, driving business growth and setting new standards in customer service."

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