MCS Rental Software celebrates 40 years in the rental industry

16 May 2023

MCS Rental Software celebrates 40 years in the rental industry

Celebrating its 40th anniversary of serving rental companies with world-class rental software solutions, MCS plans its year of celebrations as it looks back at 40 years of innovations, technology challenges, and all the highs along the way.

Founded in 1983, MCS Rental Software has grown to be an international industry-leading solution used in over 40 countries, with thousands of users logging in daily.

Guy van der Knaap, MCS Managing Director, says,

"We are incredibly proud to have 40 years of experience in rental software under our belts, giving us the power to provide excellent solutions and advice to our customers."

The MCS product is now one of the largest and most comprehensive solutions on the market. In its 40 years of growth, MCS now has a large user group committee and regular meetings with its clients to help drive its software forward and provide cutting-edge solutions for a further 40 years and more. Guy continues,

"At MCS, we genuinely care about our customers' successes. Meeting and hearing what challenges and aspirations our users have, helps us to shape our future developments to exactly what the rental industry is asking for."

In recent years, the software provider has pledged 10% of its profits every year for the next decade to charity. These charities support underprivileged children in communities both near and far. Guy explains,

"We are in the fortunate position to be able to use 40 years of success to help communities that need it most. We have been delighted to support children's charities in numerous countries to help children who need it the most and give every child the opportunity to be happy, healthy, and successful."

MCS celebrates its 40 years in the rental industry with a year of planned celebrations, including a themed customer day, a 40th birthday party, a series of webinars looking back at rental software over the years, and more.

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