Paperless working – the journey to flawless business processes

04 September 2018

Paperless working – the journey to flawless business processes

Striving towards a ‘greener’ and more efficient workplace, the phrase ‘paperless processes’ is bouncing around the hire industry, and is steadily becoming one of the most common things we’re being asked about. Technology innovates and companies grow but if the thought of a paperless workplace is still a dream, you’d be surprised to find that it is actually completely within your reach.

Mobile apps are just the beginning of the paperless world but are certainly a great step towards streamlining your internal processes. Mobile technology gives you so many options to eliminate the paper trail and create a clean, sharp brand image, for example:

  • CRM Mobile gives you the ability to create quotes and prospects on the database whilst on the move.
  • Transport Mobile ensures you don’t misplace Proof of Delivery documents, damage evidence, mileage, collections jobs or any other documents that you carry around in your hands.
  • Picking Mobile removes the painstaking process of rekeying picking lists that have been completed, saving you time and reducing staff resource costs.
  • Workshop Mobile improves communication in both directions, with workers being able to look up key diagrams or manuals, capture signatures and send back real-time data.

But of course, as we mentioned earlier, mobile technology really is just the tip of the iceberg. Paperless processes go far beyond mobile and can be achieved in a multitude of different ways, some of which you’ve probably not even considered!

We’ve created an MCS Concise Guide to give you helpful hints and tips to help you become a paperless rental business, putting you leagues ahead of your competitors. Download our Concise Guide, ‘The Benefits of Paperless Working in the Rental Industry’ to give you a head start on your own paperless journey.

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