Minimising Stress and Maximising Efficiency with Event Hire Software

03 July 2018

Minimising Stress and Maximising Efficiency with Event Hire Software

Once again, the summer season is in full swing; from corporate end-of-year celebrations to parties, music festivals and everything in between, never is there a busier time for event hire businesses. Whilst this bustling season is great for your bottom line, the planning of so many client events can cause more than just a headache.

Event hire software alleviates this pressure with forward-thinking technology that supports you in every area of event hire planning - from initial contract work and administration right through to delivery and collection.

Avoid over-promising and under-delivering…

Event hire software keeps you in control of your equipment and resources, ensuring that you’re able to satisfy client demands. Enabling you to forward plan and book your equipment in advance, Equipment availability calendars (that come as standard with quality event hire software solutions) allow you to keep track of the work that you undertake - so you never double-book or under-deliver. What’s more, this forward-thinking insight means that you can plan ahead for stock shortages and decide whether you wish to buy more equipment or rehire from other suppliers.

Keep your equipment in perfect working order…

With Preventative Maintenance and Servicing, event hire software allows you to schedule regular maintenance and PAT tests on your equipment. Not only does this ensure that you stay proactive rather than reactive, but it also allows you to prolong the life of your equipment.

Improve customer service and maximise your client relationships…

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system allows you to proactively stay in touch with your clients, recording critical information and details about their order. Not only does this provide you with important data regarding their current transaction but also gives you a wealth of insight into possible upselling opportunities. Details can be shared with your team as well as accessed from mobile devices, giving you real-time information whilst on-site.

Maximise your resources…

With event hire software’s Resource Planner, you’re able to assign the right people to the right jobs. Not only does this mean that clients’ work is completed efficiently and effectively, but also that your resources are used in the most economical way.

Stay ahead of delivery schedules…

During such a busy season, it’s easy to lose track of complex delivery schedules and timeframes. The Daily Diary feature in event hire software allows you to stay ahead of tasks, deliveries and more, whilst the Checklists allow your team to stay organised, ensuring that they have all necessary equipment when loading their vans. Add to this the Transport Manager feature, ensuring delivery trucks are loaded in order of equipment drop-off, and Transport Mobile, providing field workers with real-time tracking, mobile recording capability and signature capture - and this summer is set to be your most efficient season yet!

Learn from past events to improve future planning…

Do you know how profitable your last event was? Project costing capabilities within event hire software allows you to assess your profit margins, ensuring that projects are profitable as well as addressing any areas of improvement for future events. 

MCS supply equipment rental software to event hire companies involved in a wide range of events - from festivals and concerts to weddings and corporate occasions. For more information, please call +44(0)1628 828000, email or visit

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