Why choosing a new hire software solution shouldn’t be a compromise

29 May 2018

Why choosing a new hire software solution shouldn’t be a compromise

When you’re looking for a new rental software solution, you shouldn’t have to think about what you need to compromise on. All too often, you’ll discover a solution that, perhaps, isn’t always the best fit for your needs and doesn’t seem to offer the exact requirements that you’re looking for.

Why compromise with a basic asset management solution for your company’s rental needs? A rental software solution is geared up to the hire business process and will, nine times out of ten, deliver a far superior fit than a generic asset or inventory system. If you’ve made a poor choice in your software package, you’ll be forever trying to find workarounds to make it work and waste an awful lot of your valuable time when you could be spending your time growing your rental business.

If you have been using a bespoke software solution in your specialist hire business, you might be concerned that a standard rental solution package just won’t be suitable for your needs. A rental software partner that has a wealth of experience solely from the hire industry, will most likely have encountered your exact requirements before and have a solution for it too! Your software vendor should work with you to map out your rental processes to find common ground and work together to find a solution of the best fit. Equally a software partner with a clear development roadmap and a platform for users to voice their ideas is a great sign that they’ll be able to develop with you and continually meet your needs.

You needn’t compromise at a later stage either. Focusing on your long term gains instead of ‘quick wins’ for the here and now is crucial to enable your hire company to develop according to your business plans and aspirations. When you’re looking for a software solution, remember that eventually you’ll start to see growth and when you do, you need a solution that will grow with you. Something that is scalable and adaptable rather than a package that has limitations. Trying to keep an eye on where you want to be in the future and not what do you need right now, will help you choose the right solution.

The moral of the story, is to make sure you ask the right questions at the outset so that you know exactly what it is you’re investing in. Your software partner should be open and honest with you about their development plans and ensure that they can truly meet your current and future needs. After all, you’re not only investing in a hire software solution, but a partnership too.

Therefore, if you are tired of compromising or think it is time to start searching the market for a new rental software solution, we have created a ‘Buyer’s Guide to Rental Software’ to help start you off on the right foot.

Download it now.

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