The importance of rental software for customer service in the hire industry

19 March 2018

The importance of rental software for customer service in the hire industry

The rental industry is highly competitive and hire companies are looking for the best way to stand out amongst their competitors. From price and choice to speed and service, there are multiple ways to stand out. But if you really want to resonate with your clients and have the best customer retention, your service is what you should be focusing on.

With the right rental software solution, your customer service offering will be revolutionised. You’ll be able to provide the right support for your clients using features such as: an online portal where your customers can find all the resources they need 24/7; an online shop will make it much easier for them to do business with you; a CRM solution to help you effectively market to your audience and keep all conversations recorded. The list goes on…

If you work on your customer service, your reputation improves. If your reputation improves, you existing clients are likely to talk about you more. If people are talking about you, more people find out about you. The benefits are endless.

Just some of the software solutions that could help you include: 
-    CRM 
-    Online Shop
-    Customer Portal
-    Business Intelligence & Reporting
-    Document Management
-    Smart Alerts
-    Resource Planner
-    Transport Manager
-    The list really does just keep going….

With the right software solution, you’ll be able to take the next step in becoming more competitive. Your clients will think better of you and you’ll no doubt see the benefits of your rental software solution imminently. 

Of course, the right rental software solution won’t just improve your levels of customer service. You’ll be able to save time, make better decisions, increase productivity and most of all, do your work with more ease (which is what we’re all after really!). 

So if you think it’s time to start the search for a new rental solution, we have created a handy Buyer's Guide to Rental Software to help you through the process of searching for the perfect hire software solution.

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