Mobile apps – Continuing the journey towards the paperless rental business

11 October 2016

Mobile apps – Continuing the journey towards the paperless rental business

Mobile technology is making it possible to replace the intensive paper-based processes often associated with a hire business such as delivery and collection notes, picking lists and works orders.

This means that your business can say goodbye to your delivery driver’s dog-eared, tatty proof of delivery paperwork that can't be read or gets misplaced when on their return to the office.

Equally, your drivers need not collect their paper-based route schedules from the office – instead they just need their smartphone with a list of scheduled pickups and drop offs which they can record electronically when completed.

Taking photographs, whether of a customer site or of equipment damaged whilst on a customer site - is made easier with a smartphone camera as the mobile app links the photograph to the relevant contract on the hire system so that that they are easily retrieved in the event of a query.

Field service engineers can be freed from their reliance on paperwork too. They no longer need to collect daily paper route schedules - instead they have access to their daily jobs provided in the app. Engineers can perform service checklists and access the important equipment configuration manuals and guides.

Routine tasks, such as stock checks and assembling picking lists, can be undertaken without printing any paper at all! Scanning a barcode can log and update stock levels as well as check items in or out of the equipment inventory for picking lists.

Used effectively, apps will allow you to ‘go paperless’, whilst improving your green credentials and make your hire business become more efficient and profitable.

To read more about the full range of mobile apps designed specifically for the rental industry, please download our new concise guide ‘Transforming your rental business with mobile apps’.

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