How mobile solutions improve the transparency and accuracy of your rental business

05 October 2022

How mobile solutions improve the transparency and accuracy of your rental business

As a rental business owner, engaging with your operations is what guarantees better control and management of your work.

If you don't have a coherent way to track all of your processes, keeping on top of scheduled servicing, customer enquiries, and rental orders can be a monumental task. This becomes an even heavier responsibility when you're not on-site or can't reach your drivers, engineers, and other team members.

Going mobile with your rental operations is one easy solution to this predicament.

A mobile solution empowers rental businesses to track and deploy their logistics and manage operations—from dispatching rental orders, pickups or swap-outs to quickly assigning a technician to an on-site repair.


It lets you manage your rental business from wherever you are

Having the ability to manage your rental business from wherever you are, has several advantages.

With a mobile rental solution, you can bring your operations to the palm of your hands. This allows access to real-time data about the status of your fleet enabling you to check availability, oversee costs, or even monitor utilisation statistics. The result is, easy management of your rental fleet without having to be present at the office or spending time on endless coordination to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Your mobile solution also improves the accessibility of all your documents, making it easy for required  team members to retrieve equipment certificates, manuals, and specifications when they’re off-site.

Employees like account managers can access financial information and paperwork before meeting with customers, and without having to wait around for someone in the office to email them the required information.


It improves workflows and streamlines processes

When multiple people are working remotely on the same project, it may lead to confusion about who is performing a particular task. However with a mobile rental solution, these redundancies can be eliminated through the use of tools like the Resource Planner, which gives everyone the same view of the work allocation.

Resource Planner also provides a customised view to each staff member—your project managers will be able to see all tasks whilst technicians may only be able to see the task that they need to perform.

The ability for information to flow back from a mobile device into the central rental system improves your efficiency as administrative staff do not need to wait for logistical staff to return with paperwork.

The status of a job can also be seen in real-time, enabling the administrative staff to track progress without making phone calls back and forth.


It enhances your client relationships

Managing customer relationships and maintaining productive communication with your clients is a task that will only get complex as your business evolves.

A fully integrated mobile solution like RM Web can resolve customer communication issues with ease. You can nurture your valued client relationships with 360-degree visibility into your customer personas and their changing demands—learn what your clients expect from your business, where you can improve your customer service, and how to grow a loyal audience.

Electronic data capturing—including e-signatures and photographic evidence—also leads to a reduction in disputes with clients, boosting your company’s reputation. The more you increase the visibility of your operations, the more you can avoid contradictions and inconsistencies, and issues can be resolved on the spot through access to past client interaction records.


It improves the coordination of your fleet

One of the most significant benefits of a mobile rental solution is the ability to reduce miscommunications and misunderstandings during the transportation process because the information will be available on your mobile apps.

This gets rid of any delays or mix-ups of resources that could potentially harm the reputation of your company and damage your client relationships.

Additionally, with mobile features like barcode scanning, you can accelerate the picking of assets, improving the input speed, and enabling multiple stock items to be picked at once without errors.

The navigable interface of mobile apps also simplifies the picking process and makes it easy to use for drivers, managers, and on-site technicians.


Mobile rental solutions empower your teams to work efficiently and effectively

With all authorised members in your team gaining complete visibility of your operations and access to mobile tools, you can run your business from anywhere and at any time.

The result is a significant acceleration in the rental process that leads to an enhanced customer experience for your all clients.

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