5 ways rental servicing can be made simple with mobile apps

01 April 2020

5 ways rental servicing can be made simple with mobile apps

Keeping on top of scheduled servicing as well as emergency customer call outs to site can be difficult without a clear and simple way of keeping track of your engineers on the road. But just becoming more reactive to incoming last minute jobs isn’t the only benefit of mobile apps for your hire operation. From reducing paper to improving business processes, going mobile can help your business from all angles.

  • Removing paper from the servicing process

Throughout the hire process, there can be a lot of paperwork and manual processes that can get in the way. Paper-based documents and contracts can often be mislaid or destroyed and consequently make tasks much more difficult than they need to be.

With a mobile app for servicing, you can empower your workers on the road with everything they need on their device. Digitising the whole process means you can take before and after service photos, damage photos, sign and complete relevant documentation with the customer and even view checklists based on type of workshop job or equipment, all from a mobile device. Bringing servicing jobs to a mobile helps to improve consistency, ensuring that all documentation is kept and stored correctly and speeds up the process by removing lengthy manual paperwork tasks.

  • Processing jobs more efficiently with real-time data flow

Making sure that your on-site and back-office teams are connected is vital to make sure that processes are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. When service engineers are using a mobile app, any data, images, documents or reports are instantly available in the main system database. This means that your office based teams can instantly action next steps as soon as any work has been carried out.

“Using Mobile devices and MCS mobile solutions in the business have helped us revolutionise our operation. It has simplified the process of recording field-based activity and has changed our business model so we are now more agile and responsive.”

First Response Site Services

  • Better visibility and reporting with digitalised equipment information

When you manage servicing on a mobile, you have a real-time data flow back to your main operational system, meaning you can take advantage of all the data and equipment information that was previously difficult to collate or stored in paper-based files.

Digitalising your equipment information and diagnostics directly linking them with your main operational system helps to identify your most costly equipment maintenance and weaker performing assets, so that you can make informed decisions about your equipment inventory.

  • Improving flexibility with ad-hoc jobs being handled with ease

With a clear overview of your workers in the field and live updates of your engineer’s progress, you can be more reactive to last minute customer requests. A mobile app allows you to send ad-hoc last minute jobs to the most appropriate engineer based on location and workload, from additional servicing or repairs to ad-hoc collections. Being able to act quickly on customer requests helps you to provide excellent customer service and retain your most valuable clients.

  • Easy to use interface making necessary documentation less cumbersome

You may often find that your field workers avoid or miss completing important documentation because it is time consuming and can be difficult to carry out whist on-site. Simple to use mobile apps with an intuitive navigation through the servicing steps makes adhering to the correct processes quick and simple. This helps to ensure that you can provide your customers with a seamless rental journey and keep track of all documentation and paperwork along the way.

If you would like to find out more about how mobile apps could benefit your hire business, read more on the MCS rental software website about its mobile solutions designed specifically for the hire industry.

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