How going digital with rental software can put you ahead of your competitors

30 June 2021

How going digital with rental software can put you ahead of your competitors

As technology continues to innovate and evolve, the way we work and interact with each other is changing too. Mobile apps and software solutions are everywhere we turn, whether that’s in rental, retail, or even just at home… but what will happen if we don’t adopt the newest technologies and move with the times?

As time progresses, the gap widens between those rental companies that have embraced new digital ways of working and those who have not. It's never too late to turn the corner and start going digital in your rental organisation, which will enhance your operational efficiency.

Get on-board with mobile apps

The power of mobile solutions transforms your rental operation from start to finish. Each part of your rental company can employ mobile and web apps to make your rental processes fast, straight-forward and paper-free. From creating quotes and contracts to managing your drivers on the road, going mobile opens up an entirely seamless way of doing business.

Mobile apps and web solutions allow rental businesses to achieve more, with clear visibility of asset availability, servicing requirements, driver routes and even predict future bottlenecks. Hirers can become more proactive and more profitable by making better-informed decisions and provide more accurate planning, all with the simple power of mobile technology.

No rekeying data, left, right, and centre

Digitalisation eliminates the constant rekeying of data into multiple systems many times over. The difference between rental companies that will thrive and those that will simply survive is where digitalisation brings all their processes together. Reducing what once took hours to complete, will now take just a few minutes.

Digitalising your rental business allows you to bring all of your various third party software packages, including telematics and financials, all under one umbrella using software integrations. You can continue using your various software systems, but you only need enter data into your rental management solution. Once entered, that data is automatically shared and vice versa with your other software packages like your financial system, saving you unnecessary rekeying time and hassle.

Making the most of your telemetry data

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your assets and equipment performance. Knowing which of your assets are a liability and which you can count on, is key to profitability and customer service. Take notice of this important equipment data, and you’ll be able to take leaps ahead of your competitors with reliable assets and fantastic customer service.

When you digitalise, you’ll be able to easily access what was once hard-to-find equipment statistics and data to have a better view of your company assets to make more informed decisions. This means you’ll be able to spot weaknesses in your fleet, know which of your assets will be flagging up for a service imminently and in the future, and provide your customers with more reliable rental equipment.

If you want to accelerate your digitalisation journey and take your rental business to the next level, talk to MCS Rental Software today or download our free guide to digitalisation.

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