How an integrated CRM rental solution can help your business in the face of Covid-19

16 November 2020

How an integrated CRM rental solution can help your business in the face of Covid-19

As you search for ways you can adapt to the ‘new normal’, you may be looking afresh at the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) aspect of your rental management solution to see how it can help you navigate your rental business through this crisis. Many hirers are asking themselves, “What should we do to work better as a team when we’re all working from home?”, “How can we drive more sales even in a tough economic climate?” and “What can we do to prepare for the future?”. You can answer all these questions by optimising the use of your integrated rental CRM solution.

Improving internal communication and building on customer service

With many teams no longer office-based, it is proving more difficult than ever to coordinate with your colleagues to work together to drive new sales and continue to support your existing customers.

A lack of visibility of ongoing conversations or customer and prospect data means it can be difficult to pick up customer enquiries, see previously agreed quotes or contracts, and even close sales in a timely fashion. With a CRM solution, your team will have access to all customer history and conversations so that anyone can easily pick up a lead or query. You can even set up alerts or reminders and link these to your Outlook inbox so that nothing gets missed or forgotten, giving you full control over your sales cycle.

With this complete visibility across your CRM, you can deliver a seamless customer experience to your clients so that they feel like they’re always your top priority.

Taking advantage of marketing tool integrations and boosting your sales pipeline

Removing bottlenecks in the sales pipeline helps you to complete sales faster and makes it easier for your customers to do business with you.

With an integrated CRM solution, Sales Managers can see quickly and easily the sales pipelines and identify where extra support or human resources are needed to achieve sales targets. Account Managers can take advantage of integrated email marketing and use emails to target certain types of prospects or customers providing relevant content at just the right time. Email reminders containing a time-limited special offer or discount can help turn those warm leads into new business. 

Targeting the right people at the right time is easily achieved with all the data you have readily available in your rental CRM database.

Getting ready for a post-lockdown world

As rules are relaxed and the world begins its attempt to get back to business, being ready to target the right clients is crucial. In the time you have available during a lockdown, a spring clean, or even over the quieter holiday seasons, you can spend your efforts getting your CRM data really up to scratch.

Cleansing your database so that you have the most accurate and reliable customer information available will make you more effective in drumming up new business when the time comes.

We know that now, more than ever, rental companies are looking to adapt to help them continue doing business in the new Covid world. With the right CRM and rental management solutions in place, you can optimise your efforts and make sure you are spending your time where it matters most.

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