MCS Rental Software helps rental companies adapt to working from home during COVID-19

06 April 2020

MCS Rental Software helps rental companies adapt to working from home during COVID-19

Rental software provider, MCS, helps rental companies adapt to homeworking during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many hire businesses now facing a different working environment under lockdown, electronic, paperless and remote processes are in high demand as they seek ways to continue doing business. 

As part of its mission to help its customers in these difficult times, MCS is offering its customers its electronic signature solution, E-Sign, free of charge for 6 months. Armed with MCS E-Sign, businesses can continue to get quotes and contracts signed with legally binding signatures remotely, whilst helping to maintain social distancing. Guy van der Knaap, MCS’ Managing Director continues,

“We have found that in the current climate, our customers are needing to obtain legally binding contracts between them and their clients more than ever. Ensuring that agreements have been signed means that their customers can be held accountable for any payments that need to be paid and guarantees future cash-flow.”

Further to this, MCS has seen an increased use of its electronic invoicing solution whereby customers can continue to invoice and collect payments from customers without the need of paper. E-invoicing means that rental businesses can ensure that their staff are remaining safe and invoices can continue to be paid with minimal disruption or delays.

MCS Rental Software has also experienced more interest from its customers wishing to learn more about their software during current downtime to help them get the most out of their solution once businesses are fully back up and running. In response to this, MCS has introduced weekly webinars for its customers to explain existing and new functionality to take advantage of, as well as training videos to ensure that MCS-rm users are reaching their full potential. Guy explains further,

“As well as webinars and general additional training, it has also become apparent that many of our customers are now taking on new roles and need extra support to step into their colleagues shoes to cover absences. This has meant that we have also been providing 1-2-1 support for our customers via our helpdesk ensuring that our clients have all the help they need to keep running as seamlessly as possible.”

As a Cloud solution provider, MCS is also enabling its customers to continue to work from home with remote access to their software and servers so that MCS-rm users can continue to do business from any location. Guy concludes,

“More than ever, it has become vital that people can carry on working as normally as possible but not from their regular office. This has meant that we have more people taking advantage of our cloud solution ensuring our customers can now work from home just as efficiently as they would if they were at work, which has proved invaluable for a large proportion of our customers.”

MCS continues to work with its customers and the rental industry to provide solutions to help hire businesses continue doing business and adapt to a new way of working during this period. 

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