Why customer service excellence is now key to the rental industry

20 April 2020

Why customer service excellence is now key to the rental industry

Every hire company prides itself on offering the greatest products and solutions in the hire industry but maintaining the highest standards of rental equipment and service can be a constant challenge. Delighting your customer and going one step further than expected will make you stand out and make sure your clients remember you as having delivered the rental kit they needed, exactly the way they wanted it.

Having a connection with your customers

Knowing your customers individually can be a tricky task when you’re dealing with multiple different accounts each day. Was Richard the one who only works in the morning…or was that Steve? Getting to know the finer details about your customers and making sure you work with them how they want makes all the difference in how a customer feels when they interact with you. This doesn’t even need to be remembering personal details, but also tailored hire rates, previous orders and contact information. All of this leaves a positive impression and helps you to provide a seamless hire experience to each and every customer.

Embracing technology

Whether you order equipment online, over the phone or at the hire counter, you will no doubt expect to receive a delivery notification by either SMS or email when that equipment arrives on site. That means you can make sure your site contact is ready to use the equipment and no time is wasted.

Your rental solution should be able to offer relevant and timely customer notifications to ensure your customer is always kept in the loop about their order status and can take any appropriate action.

Doing business professionally

When not every part of the hire process is done face to face, you need to make sure that any communications that are sent by email or SMS, still look as professional as the service you would provide in person. Making sure you have beautiful email templates ready to use and automated SMS messages makes it quick and simple to do business professionally whilst providing a fantastic customer experience.  

Providing the best in rental customer service is much easier when you have the right tools to support you. If your rental customers deserve a better service or you want to learn how to make small changes that can improve your customer experience, download our free guide “Providing the ultimate rental experience to your customers”.  

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