3 ways asset management software can bring your business into the 21st century

15 April 2019

3 ways asset management software can bring your business into the 21st century

With growth and efficiency becoming ever-more important for construction companies, finding the right solution to help is key. Your goal could be to improve visibility of your assets, increase the flexibility of your inventory or simply do more business…It doesn’t matter what your end game is, chances are there is an asset management software solution that can help you get there. 

1.    Do you REALLY know where your assets are AND what they have been doing?
Whilst you might know the current scheduled job site location of your assets, wouldn’t it be useful to have an exact physical location of where your equipment is on a specific site? It’s these finer detail that can make a huge difference. Often your equipment may be located on large construction sites so being able to pinpoint the location of where your asset is when it comes to collection would save you an incredible amount of time. 

It’s not just tracking your machine location either. With an asset management solution, you can combine all of your tracking data into one central location where you’ll be able to see when your equipment is being used, check meter readings, see faults and alerts prior to call outs and more. With no solution in place, it will take longer to get to any of this information, response times will be slow, you’ll have no view of where your assets are currently sitting idle and will just generally make your life so much harder than it needs to be. 

2.    Catch breakdowns before they even happen
Keeping your equipment safe and ready to use at all times is crucial in making sure that those using your machinery are safe but also in making sure your assets are always working at their best and you are getting the most out of them. 

So whether it’s keeping track of your asset maintenance schedules, ordering spares or planning ahead for when you’ll need to externally source equipment, you’ll be able to maximise the usage of your own equipment.  

3.    Making deliveries 10x easier
When it comes to delivering your equipment, it’s all very well loading up a van and sending your driver off on their delivery route, but what happens when you’ve loaded the van in the wrong order, or your driver’s route is random rather than in any logical order? 

With an asset management software solution, you can make sure that all your drivers’ routes are optimised to get the most done each day and your vans are loaded so that every drop off can be quick, slick, efficient and cost effective. You could even store notes about specific sites so that your drivers can plan ahead and make sure they don’t forget anything specific about certain sites that would make delivering your assets faster. 

These are just a few of the benefits of an asset management solution. If you want to find out more about how with the right system you could transform your equipment operation, download our free guide, ‘Making business simple with asset management software’ and see the full benefits of how the right system will help you succeed.

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