5 Tech Innovations from MCS Rental Software in 2024

26 March 2024

5 Tech Innovations from MCS Rental Software in 2024

With a demand for innovative tech on the rise, MCS Rental Software has put together 5 of its most popular solutions that have taken 2024 by storm already. From MyTimeTracker managing rental company timesheets, to eScan, its new QR Code scanning functionality for equipment, rental companies using MCS have access to the latest tech in the industry.


This powerful new feature allows MCS customers to place a unique QR code on any piece of equipment. By simply scanning this code, rental customers gain instant access to a wealth of information, such as user manuals, certificates, and other useful data. This provides them with an enhanced user experience, placing crucial information right at their fingertips.

iOS compatible app

The MCS Resource Mobile app gives engineers and drivers out on the road the ability to complete their tasks all via a mobile app, giving instant feedback to rental controllers in the back office. The new app has been revamped giving MCS users better traceability of where resources are during the day. Rental controllers now not only know when a job has been started, but can also keep track of job progress including when their resources are actively driving, or when they have arrived on site.


Capturing your employee timesheets has never been easier. The new MyTimeTracker app, means your employees can log their hours worked and complete their timesheets wherever they are.

New Telematics Integrations

MCS has now enhanced its comprehensive telematics offering with two industry-leading providers, Geoforce and Samsara. This development strengthens MCS’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for rental businesses around the globe.

Geoforce is renowned for its advanced asset tracking solutions and brings a wealth of expertise to MCS Rental Software users, allowing them to precisely monitor the location, condition, and utilisation of their assets.

Samsara offers an innovative approach to fleet management, providing users with top-tier visibility to enhance rental operations. With real-time GPS data, full vehicle tracking, integrated route optimisation, and custom route analysis, Samsara is a pioneer in telematics technology.

Date Based Price Grids

Rental companies can now automate price adjustments, confirm promotional rate periods, and introduce dynamic pricing mechanisms based on peak usage times. The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and proactive approach to pricing management that aligns with business needs and market demands. 

If you want to find out more about how MCS Rental Software can help your rental business thrive, contact the MCS team today.

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