Have you got the right person for the right job?

19 April 2016

Have you got the right person for the right job?

Making sure that you have the right person for the right job is essential. In many cases your staff, including drivers and operators, will need to hold and maintain the relevant professional qualifications.

But can you easily identify which of your staff have the most relevant qualifications to meet these regulatory requirements? Do you know whose certifications are due to expire and therefore which members of staff need to be sent on refresher courses and when?

Other considerations in this area include making sure your transport drivers are fully insured, that operators are fully trained to operate the machinery, and knowing when and where certain clients' sites have special regulations, e.g. petrochemical sites that require extra personnel qualifications. Not only do you need to know all of this information, you also need to have it to hand in an easily accessible format.

This is where software specifically designed for the hire industry can help you. Not only can it give you all of the above, it can also flag up where an operator has been selected for a job or to operate a machine for which they are under-qualified. This is all information you need to know to keep you, your staff and clients safe and to comply with all Health and Safety and similar legislation.

Improving safety procedures in your hire operationFor more information, please download our new concise guide 'Improving safety procedures in your hire company' that explains various measures you can take to protect your business and be health and safety compliant. Click to download it here.

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