MCS launches new ‘E-Sign’ functionality transforming the way hire companies do business

19 December 2018

MCS launches new ‘E-Sign’ functionality transforming the way hire companies do business

MCS has launched new E-Sign digital document signing within its rental management system, MCS-rm. E-Sign transforms the way hire companies do business with their customers, improving process consistency by making it simple to sign quotes and contracts on any device. 

Fully integrated into MCS-rm
MCS E-Sign links directly to the operational MCS-rm hire solution, automatically storing signed quotes and contracts in the right place, letting the rental company see what has been signed, when it was signed and who signed it. Ensuring contracts are digitally signed ahead of delivery helps to eliminate mistakes, improves communication and further enhances customer service as they receive a fast flawless service each and every time.

Fast, secure and paper free
A hire company often experiences delays in turning their quotes into confirmed orders due to the laborious administrative paperwork process involved. The confirmation may involve a mix of telephone or email requests for an order confirmation or a purchase order number, all of which take time.

With MCS E-Sign, a hire company’s customers will no longer have to print, sign, scan and return their signed contract or quote by email. Now all a customer needs to do is to open the contract and click the ‘accept’ button to sign it digitally, whether they open the document on a mobile device or desktop PC. The hire company receives the contract acceptance instantly, managing the entire confirmation process without using paper and knowing that their PDFs are completely tamper-proof.

Enhanced customer experience
A hire company can use MCS E-Sign to improve its customer experience by offering its clients real convenience of a paper free confirmation process, which is especially useful when individuals work on the move and have no easy access to a desktop PC or a printer.

MCS has received so much interest in digital document signing as its customers realise it will enable them to close more business in a faster and completely secure way.

For more information about MCS E-Sign or the MCS-rm hire solution, visit MCS on stand J44 at the Executive Hire Show 2019, phone 01628 828000 or email

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