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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Plant Hire

Key Benefits

  • Increased efficiency with centralised storage of critical information.
  • Comprehensive reports with real-time data for more up-to-date and relevant analysis.
  • Improved customer management through better control of financial data and increased accuracy.
  • Full scalability incorporating future growth with additional locations and users.

The Challenge

Before MCS, Total Hire & Sales was using a simple stock control system, which came under pressure to manage and control the increasingly complex business. It was looking for a solution that would be:

  • Easy to operate
  • Useful to a wide range of staff
  • Coordinate all the business critical financial data into one central system

The Solution

The core functionality of MCS-rm that was implemented included Contact Management, Assets, Invoicing, Stock, Depots, Purchase Order Processing and Rehire.

Live Plant Inventory

The big thing for us was having access to the live plant inventory. Our parent company is our largest customer, so they appreciate the amount of critical information we can access at any time. Another major benefit to them is that important data is continuously being updated in real-time. It’s easy to create reports that can give an accurate analysis of business transactions, call up invoices, raise queries, do stock checks and monitor and amend live contracts all at a touch of a button. Our old system couldn’t do any of that.

Integrated Financial Package

We can view and access contract information in MCS-rm simply and quickly for much better management and control of our accounts. In every way, the financial integration within MCS-rm not only saves us time and money but also reduces the risk of errors and helps us resolve possible conflicts faster. This contributes to better customer management and has, consequently, improved customer relations.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Total Hire & Sales has been able to:

  • Integrate repair and maintenance schedules for all the company's plant and equipment with Workshop & Maintenance.
  • Deliver rapid efficiency and productivity gains across the operation.
  • Keep accounts up-to-date and reflect the current position across the entire company.
  • View, amend or add information to an existing contract.
  • Scrutinise the status of a product.
  • Analyse any invoice direct from the financial application.
  • Resolve queries quickly with no need to juggle between different suppliers.
  • Reduce the cost associated with multiple support agreements.
Total tool hire
Within four weeks, we had implemented all the capability we needed, trained 14 staff across all five depots and become fully operational with no problems at all.

Total Hire & Sales


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