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Country: United Kingdom
Industry: AV Hire

Key Benefits

  • Power to track and manage a large, complex inventory and achieve greater control and productivity.
  • Better inventory control thanks to barcode scanning integration.
  • Time saving benefits offered by the ‘Today’ screen delivering useful daily reminders of daily events and actionable activities.
  • Better business planning due to fast and easy access to all product information.

The Challenge

With a growing inventory, ProVision reached a situation where it was no longer feasible to meet its operational requirements using spreadsheets and a basic asset management solution. They wanted to tie all of their operations into one, front to back-end management solution that also included a comprehensive tracking and booking facility.

The Solution

ITV ProVision now uses MCS-rm to run their AV hire operation. With a few progressive bespoke modifications to fit the unique nature of ProVision's operation, they were ready to implement the MCS-rm software solution.

Deal Pricing

Deal Pricing was particularly valuable for us with its ability to apply different pre-agreed customer discounts as well as capture verbally agreed discounts for multiple orders at the point of sale.

Barcode Scanning

Some items don’t have a serial number, so barcode scanning lets us identify them electronically,” explained Danny. “Information captured by our bar code scanners is automatically uploaded into MCS-rm enabling us to track all inventory items, large or small, whether on hire or off hire or travelling between depots.

Today Screen

At the click of my mouse, I can see 73 live contracts today plus five deliveries, no collections and no overdue collections. Anything overdue can be immediately actioned and resolved.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, ITV ProVision has been able to:

  • Enable warehouse staff to check equipment in and out and support the inventory control procedures.
  • Use sound alerts developed by MCS to ensure their scanner operators are aware of any problem as they arise, such as when an item is due a service.
  • Have access to the history of every item in the system using the integrated barcode scanner.
  • Create reminders and actionable activities using the 'Today' screen, delivering time and labour-saving benefits.
  • Access product information quickly and accurately and add it, along with the pricing, to a contract.
ITV ProVision
It was the enormous flexibility of MCS-rm that attracted us. It’s a massively comprehensive system that delivers on many of the functional areas we had requirements for.

ITV ProVision


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