Customer Profile:
Country: France
Industry: Internal Hire, Construction

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of equipment availability between construction sites 
  • Avoid the costs associated with the installation of a server by choosing a solution hosted by MCS
  • Savings in transport costs by facilitating exchanges between sites
  • Automated alerts ensuring equipment is safe to use and compliant with industry safety standards

The Challenge

Before installing MCS-rm rental software, Bouygues TPRF's equipment department was managing its fleet the 'old-fashioned' way. Each construction site managed its own equipment availability and it was difficult to see equipment availability across other sites. The equipment department used Excel files to check the availability of the machines and this became a real headache with an inventory of over 2000 items. They then had to key in the data to allocate the equipment to each site and invoice them accordingly.

The Solution

During a demonstration of the MCS-rm hire software solution, the Bouygues TPRF management team realised that the software provided by MCS  met their fleet management requirements by offering an online solution for equipment allocation. All their various machines and pieces of equipment are included in the MCS-rm database. The Daily Diary screen helps them plan their day by giving them the list of actions to perform.

What made you choose MCS?

We prepared a wish-list of our needs and evaluated the different solutions on the market. We decided that MCS-rm was the only tool that could meet all of our professional, rental and financial needs, provide complete visibility across depots and manage all of our in-house rental activity.

Snapshot Module

With the MCS Snapshot module, we are able to track our equipment with great precision. We know where each piece of equipment is in real time. Deliveries are organized more effectively and we can achieve economies of scale for transport.

Health and Safety Compliance

The workshop module is very useful. We use sensitive equipment, such as jacks for the construction of bridges which are subject to strict safety standards and it is important that regulatory controls and technical checks are performed to ensure that we comply with health and safety regulations. The MCS-rm application sends us smart alerts to make sure these processes are not missed. The software also indicates where equipment is unavailable while the checks take place.

The Future

Following the successful installation of MCS-rm in the equipment department of Bouygues TPRF, another subsidiary, Bouygues TP VSL International decided to invest in MCS-rm as well and installed it first in Switzerland and Hong Kong. The solution is available in several languages and can therefore be easily rolled out to other countries.

The Benefits

Since using MCS, Bouygues TPRF has been able to:

  • Get a list of actions to perform during the day via the Daily Diary screen
  • Have more efficient exchanges between the equipment department and various construction sites
  • Easily manage rental contracts and invoice each site accurately at the end of the month
The integration of all the various steps of the equipment department processes into a single software eliminates data errors and reduces data duplication throughout the entire hire process, from the request of equipment to the invoicing for each site.

Bouygues TPRF


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