Customer Profile:
Country: Germany
Sector: Powered Access

Key Benefits

  • Paperwork was eliminated as it was all handled by MCS-rm.
  • 90% reduction of time spent on route planning.
  • Equipment handover tasks cannot be overlooked by the drivers.

The Challenge

In order for ARMO to implement their business development plan, they needed a rental software solution which was not only flexible but also scalable to grow with its business. Its previous software package was unable to fulfil these essential requirements. MCS became ARMO’s preferred software solution after meeting the company and having understood its growing global presence, especially in Germany.. Combine this with the increased performance benefits and on-tap support MCS could provide, ARMO’s decision was made.  

The Solution

MCS were able to adhere to ARMO’s very tight deadlines, completing the project in an extremely timely manner.  

Transport Mobile

The mobile application gives us another advantage that we didn't initially expect. Previously, before departure we had to brief our drivers on exactly which papers to handover and what had to be checked at the handover. With the help of the software, it is now impossible for the driver to overlook or forget something in a hurry. When completing a delivery using the app, the driver is unable to make mistakes and skip steps in the delivery process. The software does not allow him to take the next step unless he complies with the prescribed process. And during the drive to the construction site, the driver is guided by the app - a huge increase in efficiency!

Route Planning

We have seen enormous time-savings. Our route planning has become much more efficient and we have saved an enormous amount of time. In the past, we needed one working day for to plan our routes. Today, we do it in either one hour for simple routes or two hours for more complex routes.


We had set a very tight timeframe for the changeover as we did not want a gradual transition period, we wanted it to be immediate. This put a lot of pressure on the project, however everything was implemented how we wanted it.


We immediately liked the open communication, from the very beginning we had the impression that all the MCS employees, we have been in contact with, had made an effort for us. Our MCS Project Manager in particular, has always responded very efficiently and quickly to our enquiries.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, ARMO has:

  • Seen a significant time saving, which has been recognised by their customers who have reported an increase in efficiency.
  • The MCS transport solution which eliminates errors by the drivers, ensuring a smooth handover is implemented each and every time with all required steps completed.
  • No more paperwork! Thanks to the app that not only guides the drivers to the construction site in the most efficient manner, but it also provides all documents electronically for signing.
  • No steps in the handover process can be forgotten or overlooked, even if the driver is in a hurry.
  • No more missed service intervals.
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We have big plans for our company. It's extremely important that we have a reliable partner, where the support works and that the support doesn't depend on the well-being of a single person. The scalability of the software is also decisive for our plans, because every expansion can be implemented quickly and it can also be mapped with the software promptly.



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