Customer Profile
Country: United Kingdom
Industry: Two-Way Radio Specialists

Key Benefits

  • Closer management of asset depreciation with key management reports.
  • Improved traceability of serialised equipment.
  • Enhanced service to customers using CRM to keep track of all customer and prospect interactions.
  • Support for ISO procedures with a consolidated rental solution to help keep to set ISO processes.

The Challenge

After experiencing several business issues, Wall to Wall Communications decided they needed to invest in a solution that moved away from manual paper-based processes and to an electronic customer management system in the hopes that this would improve traceability of serialised equipment, manage depreciation of assets more efficiently, provide meaningful management reports and consolidate their hire processes onto one system.

The Solution

After evaluating 6 different hire management packages, Wall to Wall Communications decided to purchase MCS-rm due to its modern technology and a user-friendly Microsoft-based look and feel. They knew that the software could be updated regularly so that the technology would never become obsolete in supporting their business.

Streamlined Processes

Everything is now streamlined and runs on a single system, which has the added benefit of reducing the cost of software support for Sage.

ISO Certified

A single hire management solution forces everyone to work in the same way, so following ISO procedures becomes an integral part of our working practices. The idea of ISO is to be able to trace everything for an order from sales to dispatch, and the system allows us to do this with ease.


We’re much more efficient as no time is wasted duplicating paperwork from one system to another and we spend less money on consumables, too. Furthermore, our equipment is now traceable and can be tracked quickly.

Customer Service

Having a central location for all customer details and contacts allows the sales team to cover for sickness and holidays. They can easily access the complete history of the account. Furthermore, it allows other staff to identify the right account manager and ensure that calls are appropriately handled and transferred.

Customer Relationship Management

Within CRM, we can also now better identify and understand calls and entries made, contracts won, contracts lost – and why – by industry type.

The Benefits

Since using MCS-rm, Wall to Wall Communications has been able to:

  • Improve internal communications with MCS-rm being used by staff across the entire business, in sales, hire, administration, despatch, repairs and finance where the system integrates to the Sage accountancy package already in use.
  • Coordinate all the company's contracts and associated administration as well as maintaining a central database for all itemised equipment, storing customer/prospect details and keeping track of all assets.
  • Improve process consistency by having all staff using the same up-to-date documents and templates.
  • Reduce paperwork and eliminate labour-intensive manual processes.
  • Use MCS CRM to manage their diverse customer base, create quotes and manage opportunities with both prospects and existing clients.
Wall to Wall Communications Testimonial
MCS combined a strong track record of successful solution delivery with product innovation, and could provide references for successful implementations in different sectors. They had a can-do approach to meeting our needs and offered comprehensive support. This all helped to reassure us that our business would be safe in their hands, both in helping us to make the transition to the new system and in the years to come.

Wall to Wall Communications


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